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DarthMod Battle Mechanics for TATW age II

Uploaded by DARTH VADER - May 14, 2009
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This is a mod which is based on the latest Third Age: Total War Mod.
I am sorry for not answering to those who have asked me if I will update this mod. But here is the answer for all of you and all those who like this modification. I will need your feedback if you want me to evolute it.

  • The scope of this project is to alter only the crucial files which interact with the AI and battle physics of the game, while retaining the balance preference of the TATW team.

  • What you will notice by applying the mod:

-New AI Formations (Better positioning of AI and holding of the main line)
-New Pathfinding (Realistic unit Movement of units, Cohesion enhanced, more effective ground penalties)
-New BAI configurations + New Mass settings (Realistic cohesion, Penetration effects, More violence and battle frenzy in the battlefield, Powerful charges)

  • As a modder myself, I want to clarify that I do not defy the very good work that it has already been done, but I want to offer my variation for all the fans who follow my logic of modding.


Updated 5/9/2009:
-Made it compatible with version 1.2 of TATW.
-Tried to mod as minimally as possible so to make this an easy addon without changing the basis of the main TATW while improving crucial sectors (Mass, AI, Penetration, Battle Havoc).

Files modded:
Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

These should be compatible with many other submods and even with a future update of TATW. The only problem of compatibility with another submod would be if it adds/removes a model of a mount in the file descr_mount.txt.

Updated 15/5/2009:
-Corrected some unbalance of trolls defence values in EDU (thanks Sith Knight zowrath for telling me)


Installation instructions:
-Copy the files over TATW 1.2 (\SEGA\Medieval II Total War\mods\Third_Age\data) to overwrite the original

Uninstallation instructions:
-Use the files inside the folder "BACKUP TATW 1.2" to overwrite again the changed files.

Many thanks to the TATW team for creating this excellent work.




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