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DarthMod 1.4D: The Last Episode

Uploaded by DARTH VADER - September 16, 2007
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DarthMod 1.4 D: The Last Episode

The circle is complete. This is my last mod for the TW series. You can read my retirement thread here:

The first wave of attack was successful (with 1.4C). Now it is time to start the final Invasion.

DarthMod series has been known for the focusing in Gameplay and AI and with this version you will get hopefully the best of this game under patch 1.2/1.3.

There will be a new evolving team which is assimilated to the dark ways and wishes to continue the DarthMod name trademark. A new hope? I will be around for a while to consult them from time to time in order to be able to preserve the usual DarthMod quality or even better it.

I will not say a lot of things:

DarthMod 1.4D includes:

-The Best Battle Physics ever seen in a TW game
-New Battle AI ruthless and aggressive
-New Darth Campaign AI
-2 maps full of challenges

You want a changelog don’t’ you? Good. I can feel your anger. Play DarthMod with all of your hatred, and your journey to the Dark Side will be complete!

But for those who are not prone to old jedi mind tricks…let me tell you some synoptic enhancements comparing to vanilla:

“The Best Battle Physics ever seen in a TW game”
Realistic mass feeling of all troop types for powerful cavalry and infantry charge clashes, penetration effects, realistic movement speed and responses, realistic endurance of battles and feel of armour of troops and many more for your true medieval havoc enjoyment.

“New Battle AI ruthless and aggressive”
There is nothing similar to the default AI here. Everything hyper modded and used my secret dark ways with the help of the Darth battle physics, Darth unit score balance and various extra AI scripts not used in default or parameterised differently, to offer the best AI so far introduced to a TW game. If only the new TW engine allowed different formations per faction…you would be amazed of the capabilities of the system.

“New Darth Campaign AI”
Again…this is truly a rework of all AI value parameters to offer a new experience to a TW gamer in his planning against the AI during the map phase. The AI is programmed to:
-Plan careful and powerful full stack invasion attacks and decide the best time to do that calculating the power balance of relations, combat and production of its neighbours and allies.
-Pope Fixed. was bugged from vanilla, no doubt about that because it had script to attack fellow Christians, now this has changed with new script to have hostility only with muslims therefore staying idle in his lands or attack non-christian, rebel near him.
-Reasonable Diplomacy which allows many options to be negotiated and not witness idiotic No’s from AI.
-Careful balance of income, settlement and agent AI which makes each of your decision to attack or defend truly valuable since the income can become from very large to super small due to the merchant wars and trade agreements, isolation from other countries due to bad reputation or the opposite, spies and assassins to have true diplomatic effects if they are revealed in your lands and fail and many more…
-AI alliances will interact in packs and support each other effectively (Have you seen that in a TW game up to now except Shogun TW in rare moments?)

“2 maps full of challenges”
Two new maps are offered and designed by The Border Reiver with many new settlements and provinces, careful balance and together with my dark tweaking (giving for example free upkeep to all militia units to allow powerful AI stack garrisons to cities, free upkeep to all foot Muslim armies to allow historic superiority of their numbers, careful faction AI to allow quality AI armies of certain European armies according to their rosters or make Muslims deploy Hordes of cheap armies to outnumber almost by 3:1 ratio, Turks to build missile cavalry based armies etc.)…you get what you were seeking all this time from this game without changing too much but making M2TW truly playable as it ought to be from the start.


DarthMod is far more complex than you may most of you understand. It is not advised to take single files and copy them to other mods without adaptation methods.
There is no way to play a Darth Battle 100% unless you photocopy my full mod.

Every modder is free to use my work if he wants but has to say to his fans that I have no responsibility about any inconsistency. He is then advised to:
1)Use other Lite AI mod to use
2)Revert to DarthMod 1.4D full to play the real thing 100%

The people I wish to thank for their contribution for this final version of my Mod are:

Current handpicked eligible Darth Beta Team:

Darth "The Border" Reiver (200%) ->Granted the command of the Super Star Destroyer II "Betrayal"(patronized and later joined the rebels with the stolen vessel).
Darth Tiberiu_R (200%)->Granted a modified attack Tiberian Shuttle and a battalion of elite guard stormtroopers. He is in command of the Sith Training Grounds and the Imperial Star Destroyer II "Annihilator"
"Sith Knight" Argent Usher (185%)->Granted an imperial Coruscant Office and a handful of Imperial Guards and the command of the Imperial Star Destroyer "Inspire".
"Sith Knight" dm04 (180%)->Granted Count Duku's Lightsaber and a legion of Death-troopers and the command of the Super Star Destroyer "Guilotine".
"Sith Knight" xeryx (175%)->Granted an Imperial Legion Command and the Super Star Destroyer "Tormentor".
"Sith knight" Naimad (175%)->Granted a modified AT-AT walker Platoon and a Legion of my best troops.

Imperial Commander Pdguru (100%)-Granted the command of the Imperial Brigade Army
Imperial Officer Cofresi (100%)
Imperial Snowtrooper PeteSKTemplar (100%)
Imperial Stormtrooper don776 (100%)
Imperial Stormtrooper Oriflamme (100%)
Imperial Stormtrooper IZ-Master (94%)
Imperial Scout Marku (65%)->Granted the command of a surface attack squad.
Imperial Stormtrooper jmack- (55%)
Imperial Stormtrooper Marine Hoplite (45%)

scoring max=200%=worth of "Darth" axiom pronunciation by me.

You must exceed 100% in order to start earning a dark rank

And in particular:

Map creator and Valuable all around helper by adapting many mini-mods to DarthMod:
-The Border Reiver

Valuable Beta Tester and creator of the new Darth Building Tree and the Darth Installer:
- Tiberiu_R

The most thorough and exact Darth Beta tester and future Big Map creator for DarthMod:
- dm04

Innovation director and idea planner for the Darth Campaign Map AI:

All around Help and early exact finder of most serious inconsistencies:
- Naimad

Art Director for DarthMod and a hope for the Dark side (may your new offspring be able soon to play a DarthMod some day…somehow! Thank you for your time despite the obvious lack of it!):
-Argent Usher

Art Creators for DarthMod in many dark ways:

Conscript but Reliable Beta Testers:
- PeteSKTemplar
- don776
- Oriflamme
- IZ-Master
- Marku
- jmack-
- Marine Hoplite

Also Special Thanks to:

-Burrek for his Blood and Dirt v0.91 mod
-Rawghi (Using his base for Heraldry mod)
-Tokus (Using his base for Historic Events)

-Installation Instructions-

Install M2TW and patch it to 1.2 or 1.3 (In 1.3 plays slightly better IMO but fully compatible to both):

-Open the installation package(After you unzip it in TW center mirror zip mode)
-Let the installer guide you or manually browse the installer to install it where you have your main game directory like this for example:
C:\program files\SEGA\Medieval II Total War
and not(for example):
C:\program files\SEGA\Medieval II\data = wrong
-The installer will create a shortcut to desktop to play DarthMod or you will have to click Launch_DarthMod.bat in your main game directory which you will use/double click each time to play DarthMod(If you want fix your own shortcut for it in your desktop)

(You can install over previous version of DarthMod_M2TW 1.4 but do not continue your saved campaign)

-If you anticipate problems try deleting the file map.rwm which is here:
C:\....\SEGA\Medieval II Total War\DarthMod\DATA\world\maps\base\

*** "If you have a non-English version of MIITW, and are experiencing CTD's.[/b][/color][/size]

When clicking on armies or characters. It appears that there is some incompatibility in the sound files. A special thanks to @[FtN] Gebirgsjäger for sorting this problem out.

The following steps will correct this problem:

1) Delete the files in DarthMod\data\sounds

2) Copy events.dat and events.idx from Medieval II Total War\data\sounds to Darth\data\sounds"

-You will not be able to play historical battles unter DarthMod unless you copy the following root game folder whole files .../data/world/custom and .../data/world/maps/battle, respectively to Darthmod/data/world/...
-DarthMod does not use/mod other mods or original game so you can play/swap with it at any time.(Concerning you have installed it correctly as advised above)
-It is highly recommended to play DarthMod M2TW 1.4 without any other mods installed as it bug free tested as is. I have no responsibility nor I reply to repetitive mails when you want to mod DarthMod.

Darth Vader

my forums:

my pages:
(Donation to the Dark Side is available there!)



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September 23, 2007 at 11:18 AM
October 22, 2007 at 05:32 PM
This is a great mod so far and i'am impressed by the maker who made it.I have run into a few bugs.Who will be looking into the problems now?The bug i had was when attacking a Moorish City the enemy have invisable archers.I'am playing as the English and the bug was against the city of the Moors called Oran.
October 26, 2007 at 07:21 PM
Tiberiu_R ,OK! i'am sorry not trying to nag you.I think i place these last posts in the wrong thread.My posts are ment for 1.4d.Are you working on that at all or just Kingdoms Ai?.You done a great job with this mod.Thanks for looking into archers.Battle AI is great.Campaign AI lacks big time.No matter how much i attack none of the other factions ever attack my cities or armies.I have to start all the fights or none will happen.I have been attacked by naval but thats it.In fact i attacked a Venetian city that had 2 of their armies next to it.I placed the city under siege one turn to build equipment and by next turn the to Venetian armies that were next to it ran away.Like i said the battle AI is great.Guess i'll wait for the campaign AI to be ajusted. P.S. are there any fixes out scince the 1.4d release that i have not seen and if so where might i find them.
July 11, 2008 at 09:49 AM
great job
July 13, 2008 at 06:20 AM
good mod
-the characters are able to move too long distance (is not good)
-is need to be added more factions , because many setlements remain rebels till the end of the game
August 17, 2008 at 10:23 AM
dude dude dude this is awsome
September 28, 2008 at 01:48 PM
For some reason, after I finish downloading the mod, it says the file is corrupted
October 04, 2008 at 12:25 PM
This mod is really awesome. It makes the game much harder in a good way and really adds more depth to the innerworkings of the polotics between countries, trade and economies.
January 09, 2009 at 02:48 AM
Very nice i downloaded it and ran it for 5 minutes but the soldier R the same of course i did not play it for a long time i will go back a run it for a longer time ,,, on one of ur forms i seen different unites is that only when U play as ROM plz update thank U very much
January 23, 2009 at 05:39 AM
Add the add ons I propose here (the .zip files of the thread)
June 01, 2009 at 06:03 PM
Umm. I will start off by stating that I am a noob to this forum and modding in general for MTW2. But I am having a problem with the darthmod1.4d After I installed it I tried to play it by following the instructions but after the small DOS screen popped up and after it went to an all black screen which made it seem like it was going to load, the screen went back to the desktop and said that there was a fatal graphics error and that the game had to be shut down. Afterwards i tried starting the game again without the mod so that I could lower the graphic settings in the game, but the same window popped up as the game was about to start loading. I am currently using the 1.2 patch and am downloading the 1.3 patch to see if that will help but I would really like any help that you could give me please.
P.S. I also went an erased the map.rwm even before starting the game. But as you can see, it hasnt helped.
August 24, 2009 at 01:22 PM
Does anyone know how the latest Darthmod compares to Stainless Steel mod?

I would really like to know since I want the one that has the best ai and my friend is telling me that Stainless Steel has the most vicious and and expansionist ai ever.

Which is better?
September 19, 2012 at 02:27 PM
Honestly, this is the worst of the darthmods. for a small church 5200 florins thats a first lvl church, really!!!!!!! terrible, terrible, terrible. if you decrease the prices it would be a good mod its jut too much money for a starter building. and plz do not start nations at war it screws up the balance of the game. but other than those few "mistakes" it really is a good historical mod. i like how u named spain kingdom of castille.
August 17, 2013 at 02:22 PM
Agreed Starvoider. worst darthmod ever. A battle takes 4ever and the recruited cavalry is oddly overpowered. Too bad though I like the map and I also like the prices. They seems a bit off in the vanilla medieval2. But i have to emphasize the battles rly take too long.
August 17, 2013 at 09:16 PM
I have to change my last statement, I gave the game another go this evening and found it to be a lot better then what a remember. The battles do take awhile i the start (many units have high armor and def stat) but i think this is improves the game later on. Definitely worth downloading if you like medieval total war 2 and want a harder game. Ty so much for the work. GJ