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    Re: Guess where?

    I've realized that I've led you a bit astray with a hint, as I found out the point is actually on the very border of two countries, one of which you already

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    A Demented Goldfish

    The Steam version of Medieval 2 has broken AI (I think)

    I've been playing the total war series since the beginning with Shogun 1 and I've never encountered an AI in a total war game as broken as the steam version

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    Re: Guess where?

    Could be, especially if it's in the Alps

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    Re: Guess where?

    Think you're right about that. Doesn't look like it's on a particularly high point though. I mean it's evidently not above the tree line. Maybe the photographer

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    Re: The Poverty Trap

    Some people win the gene lottery and are more gifted than others, life/nature is not equitable in this way.
    Said people are better able to create

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