• Curia Report - Term 4 2023

    Curia Report - Term 4 2023
    October 1st 2023 - December 29th 2023 (transition - January 5th 2024)

    Consul?'s Commentary

    Greetings, this is your late censor-Hex speaking for a moment to close out this end-of-year term. I must say, despite the abrupt ending the dates are rather neat.

    This may not be the last Report, but I think we're getting there. Putting in drafts for relatively minor awards, lots of processing and waiting, a handful of votes and more processing to register it into a record thread: it's not hard by any means but it's a bit tedious for where we are. I hope for a fruitful, or at least halfway decent year for Total War Center. Frankly you will see me more often in the Q&S and elsewhere but as ever I won't be too far from the Curia.

    We got a citizen and a large award from this term, among a handful of rewordings to the constitution and some nice bling for those Divus-holders.

    Best of luck, and I'll see you on the other side: citizen, member or otherwise...

    --Dismounted Feudal Knight


    VII - Consul - 01/10/2023 - Pikestance elected after expiration of Flinn's term

    VIII - Magistrate - 25/10/2023 Akar elected as incumbent (second term)

    IX - Magistrate - 25/12/2023 Gaius Baltar elected as incumbent (fourth term)


    20/10/2023 - Clarification of Suspension

    21/10/2023 - Clarification of Censor Appointment

    03/11/2023 - Defining Citizenship privileges & cleanup

    15/11/2023 - Extension to the wording of Divus Award and reintroduction of the badge

    8 abandoned proposals in the Prothalamos not listed


    08/10/2023 - RafSwi7 (Patron: Abdülmecid I)


    11/11/2023 - Sara Temer for Opifex

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