• Curia report - Term 2 2023

    Curia Report - Term 2 2023
    June 1st 2023 - September 30th 2023

    Consul's Commentary

    And another term is gone.. Term 2 2023 was pretty quiet, not much happened honestly, still in line with the general site activity, although one important (for the Curia itself) amendment passed; we also had one new award.
    In terms of discussions there's one that was abandoned (Moving the Curial Commentary thread from the Q&S to the Prothalamos) and an ongoing one (20 yrs Milestone Award).

    However, as you all probably know by now, this was my last term as a Consul, so farewell my good people, we'll see on the other side one day...

    -Silvio "Flinn" Berlusconi


    IV. 2023 - Consul - 31/05/2023 Flinn elected after regular expiration of his own second term

    V. 2023 - Magistrate - 23/06/2023 Akar elected after regular expiration of Ponti's term

    VI. 2023 - Magistrate - 20/08/2023 Gaius Baltar elected after regular expiration of his own 3rd term.


    07/06/2023- The new Constitution of TWC.


    - No new Citizens


    18/09/2023 - Flinn for Curia Service Award

    CMS Articles

    15/05/2023 - Curial report
    23/06/2023 - The Member Awards are over!