• Curia report - Term 1 2023

    Curia Report - Term 1 2023
    January 31st 2023 - May 31st 2023

    Consul's Commentary

    Consul reporting for duty! Beginning of 2023 has seen some new activity in terms of awards (four in total, one of which is a Divus) as well as limited activity in terms of Discussions (Should we redo this election? and, Do we need an amendment for this?), plus one amendment that is still ongoing (The New Constitution of TWC). As everybody knows, that's not really the busiest period for the Curia and TWC in general, still it's good to see that there's some activity, as limited as it might be, and that worthy members are still recognized for their contribution to the site and the community at large.
    As I always like to say, the Curia is what we make of it...

    - Silvio "Flinn" Berlusconi


    II. 2023 - Magistrate - 14/02/2023 DismountedFeudalKnight elected after regular expiration of Pontifex Maximum's term

    III. 2023 - Magistrate - 12/12/2022 Gaius Baltar elected after regular expiration of his own 2nd term.


    - No new Amendments


    - No new Citizens


    27/03/2023 - Hader for Divus
    03/04/2023 - ilia_r_s for Legio 501st Bronze
    02/05/2023 - Macaras for Legio 501st Silver
    02/05/2023 - Anubi88 for Legio 501st Gold

    CMS Articles

    20/03/2023 - The Member Awards are upon us! (again!)