• Curia Report - Term 3 2022

    Curia Report - Term 3 2022
    September 30th 2022 - January 30th 2023

    Consul's Commentary

    One of the most lazy terms ever, and that couldn't be different considering who the Consul was. Not much has happened, which is bad, but no drama as well, which is good: I'd call it a draw. Discussion in general has dropped to zero after we had some real talks in the past months, but that's not new, actually: the Curia is used to those cyclic periods of discussing the same issues over and over (AKA beating the dead horse), interrupted by long periods of little to zero activity. Furthermore, the Curial activity is directly proportional to the site activity in general, and recent times haven't been great for TWC at large, either. We live with what we have, I suppose.

    - Silvio "Flinn" Berlusconi


    VIII. 2022 - Magistrate - 10/10/2022 - Pontifex Maximum elected after regular expiration of General Brewster's term

    IX. 2022 - Magistrate - 12/12/2022 - Gaius Baltar elected after regular expiration of his own 1st term.

    I. 2023 - Consul - 30/01/2023 - Flinn elected as Consul after regular expiration his own previous term.


    29/09/2022 - (13-2-1) Poll: [PASSED: IMPLEMENTED] [Amendment] Section III, Article I - no support, no merit


    - no new Citizens


    - no new awards

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    24/10/2022 - Lethargy time