• Lethargy time

    45 days have passes since the last article, but not much has happened, sadly. I guess because it's hibernation period for trolls.. ?

    Jokes aside, there have been only three events worth of note, as listed below:

    - A new Consul has been elected. I'm humbly sitting on the "back bench", and with me are Kilo11 and Turkafinwe (I needed someone to cook meals and do the laundry).

    - An important, on the papers at the least, amendment about "merit in Ostrakones" has passed. As we know Ostrakones are capable of generating the highest possible level of drama in the Curia, so hopefully this amendment will make it even worse No seriously, the amendment still has to be put to a test, so we'll see in the next future if it will prove at preventing un-based Ostrakones to be put forward.

    - A new Magistrate has been elected. After years of attempt, the Mafia finally achieved to snatch one of his men into this sacred institution. We are trying to keep him quite with wine, rum and cigars, so hopefully not all is lost, yet.

    Until the next time...