• Where there's life, there's hope

    Hello there fellow Citizens, after a month break, we are back with our Curial articles.

    As the titles implies, the Curia is not dead yet, so we still have hope to see more activity in the future, even though we have to admit that long periods of little (and sometimes none at all) activity are quite common in the Curia.
    That being said, it is even more evident now, after the plethora of awards and discussions/amendments we had previously (it's been months now, actually), but anyways we are still here and running.

    There hasn't been much to discuss anyways, there's one abandoned amendment (about mandating election dates), which by the way has been followed by this one (Elections in due time), dealing with the same issue. There has been some drama around this discussion at the end of the previous Consular term, so it would definitely be interesting to see what the Curia will decide, since the latter has been moved to vote already.

    On the side of Award, we only had a large one, an Opifex for Anthonius II (voting poll can be found here, it passed by 16-2-1). Congrats to the recipient for getting this deserved Award, even though it took them way longer than it should, due to reasons already discussed elsewhere.

    Last but not least, there's a new Magistrate election running. Citizens can apply here. The debate thread can be found here.
    I want to stress out the fact that some members (citizens and regular members alike) have sometimes complained about the choice (via election I mean) of some Magistrates, so that's the chance for that people to step in and apply, or at the least partake in the election process by checking in advance what the predisposition of the applicants are in regards with their duties, by asking them questions and putting them in front of Tribunal exemplary cases; all of this can be properly done in the Debate thread (as linked above).

    See you again in a couple of months!