• A new beginning!

    Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed.

    May has been another relatively quiet month for the Curia, without much activity in proposals, discussions or awards. It has seen though the end of the first term of 2022, and the beginning of the second one, with the election of Lifthrasir as the new Consul.. The latest election has seen a large number of voters (49, with only one who abstained) and that's a positive thing: such figures haven't been seen since a long while, and hopefully some of those who bothered to vote will also remain active in other Curial's activities during the next weeks.

    Anyways, we very much thank Akar for his long service as a Consul. The latest Curial report can be found here.

    As hinted above, overall activity in the Curia was low, and in fact we had only one new award, Caligula's well deserved Legio 501st gold award.
    In terms of amendments, there's one in discussion right now, about fixing in the Constitution the procedure on how elections have to be run. There has been some discussions about when a new election is due and the like, so if you have something to say on that regard, you are invited to weigh in.
    In any case, we did not miss to serve ourselves with some drama, as usual If you haven't seen it, the Wondrous tale about labels has been carrying on itself throughout the whole first half of the month, until the matter has been settled down.

    Last but not least, a new Magistrate election is up (Debate thread - Application thread). Since Gigantus has agreed to join Lifthrasir as one of his Censors, as per Curial procedures he's requested to resign from his Magistrate office, thus opening the position for new applicants.

    Let's see the next month, with hopefully much more stuff to post about!
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      Flinn -
      Since there has been zero activity in the Curia the past month, the usual CMS article will be postponed to next month