• The end of times ...

    Hello there fellow TWCenterers, Citizens and Commoners alike! It's been another month and as expected, there has been a bit more activity in the Curia these days, followed (and somewhat inspired, I would say ) by the usual drama.

    The main event has certainly been the new Ostrakon against AnthoniusII, which anyways ended up with a solid dismissal vote (14 to 5, with 3 abstained votes). I personally did not partake in the discussion for a pletora of different reasons, but I can tell this here now: if the Curia wants to gain a better reputation (or re-gain it, according to some accounts of old), then it has to deal with the whole disciplinary process asap, and the Ostrakon is on the top of it.

    At this regard, a new Amendement has been proposed and now has been moved to vote. Every Citizen is welcome to express their opinion with their vote, please take notice that the poll will be up for a couple of days more and then it will close automatically after the usual 7 days period.

    Recently the Curia has seen a decent amount of discussion about how it should be moderated or what to do regarding the Non Disclosure policy.. There's still some drama dripping from the latter which is spilling into the Curia main, as a point has been risen if the latter should be considered abandoned or invalid. The former did bring to an Amendment, about the Regulations and Procedures of Section I which ultimately failed with a 10 to 6 vote (remember that in the Curia amendments need to have at the least a solid 2/3rd majority of the votes to pass, not counting abstained votes of course).

    For what concerns internal elections, we did have two new Magistrate ones, in both cases the outgoing officers (Gigantus and Kilo11) re-applied for a new term and they have been both ratified by unanimity of yes votes (with tho different elections, of course .

    On the side of Awards, we did have only a new one, a Divus. Since I'm the object of that award, I won't go too much into details, let me just say this: the Divus is the less distributed of the awards related to Staff work, so in any case it's always a good thing when it gets given out, Curia-wise.

    Akar's term as a Consul will end in a couple of weeks, and so will my third Censor Term, hence the ominous title ..

    See you next time, maybe ...
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    1. Gigantus's Avatar
      Gigantus -
      Refreshing report format, thanks
    1. Narf's Avatar
      Narf -
      Thanks for this, very nice. Would love to have a monthly/weekly TWC publication take on a reporting like this.
    1. ♔Greek Strategos♔'s Avatar
      ♔Greek Strategos♔ -
      That was a nice read, buddy!
      I'm eagerly waiting for the upcoming cataclysmic events