• Spring is coming..

    Another month has passed and the winter is finally over. As we all know, the winter period is usually very quiet in the Curia (and at TWC at large), but all in all I have to say we can't really complain this time, since contrary to the previous years, at the least this winter Curial activity did not stop completely. The Curia always suffered from periods of completely inactivity, opposed to phases of intense activity (and drama, ofc), so it is good to see that it is keeping itself alive for so long.

    As for the figures, we did have only three new awards handed out, three Legio 501st Gold Awards, to be precise. There have been two closed discussions: one was abandoned, regarding the possibility to have two Consuls instead of only one, and another one was later turned into an actual Amendment (The Shankbot Award Discussion then turned into the Sanctus Award Amendment). There is currently one discussion still ongoing (about how to moderate the Curia), plus two Amendments (the aforementioned one regarding the Sanctus Award and another one regarding the Regulations and Procedures to Section I - note n 7, related with how the Curia is moderated; the latter one has been moved to vote a few days ago). Sadly, no new Citizenship applications have been submitted, and it's been a while now.. not a surprise of course, but I'm sure that there are still some worthy members out there who are waiting to be patronized.

    Regarding the general Curial discussion, the "old" Strategic vision of TWC thread has seen a burst of recent activity and some discussion, which as usual brought some drama with it: this is the nature of the Curia in any case, when you have clashing and opposing views it's inevitable to rise the tones, the important is that valuable content is being discussed.

    As per the internal procedures, one Magistrate election was held and another one is currently ongoing. In case you are not sure of what a Magistrate does at TWC...

    Quote Originally Posted by Article II. Magistrates and the Tribunal
    The Tribunal reviews appealed infractions and notes issued by Moderation in order to ensure that the Terms of Service are applied correctly and fairly.

    To serve on the Tribunal, a panel of Tribunes is appointed by the Hexagon Council and two Magistrates are elected by the Curia. Magistrates rotate as acting Tribunes, each voting on one of every two cases
    The main event of the month has been, anyways, the Member Awards. As much as this is a site wide event, it is also very important for the Curia, since it does just not award the Best Curialist, but also promotes the spirit of community and in general "quality content", all things that the Curia should be actively promoting as well.

    Remember that you can find all the Discussions and Amendments in the Prothalamos; all the past Discussions and Amendments are stored in the Archives. Ongoing votes can be found here.
    Finally, if you are not a Citizen, remember that you can still post in the Prothalamos or use the Curial Commentary Thread for questions, suggestions, etc.

    See you next time, Populus!