• The calm before the storm..?

    And another month is gone... it was a quieter period compared to the two months before, but that was expected considering that holidays were coming and December has always been a clam period at TWC.

    However, we still had some activity in the Curia and all in all 2021 proved to be a positive year for the Curia, activity-wise; once again December brought some new awards, some interesting discussion and the usual bit of drama which the Curia lives on. Let's see some figures in detail:

    - Eleven new awards, all related to modding. There has been a total of 6 proposal threads, but one was for multiple recipients (Tsardoms team, 5 members). Two of the awards were large ones (Opifexes, for Lordsith and JaM). Besides, there has been one failed large award (a Loincloth, to be precise).
    - Four abandoned and one failed Amendment (the one about the Pro consuls).
    - One abandoned and one failed Decision (awards for Beta Testers)
    - Four abandoned Discussions.

    I'd say it is interesting to see how most of the Proposals/Decisions have been abandoned (for the sake of clarity, they are considered abandoned if the original poster requests them to be archived or if 28 days have passed since the last post and they have not been moved to vote, of course). Basically this month we had nine of them abandoned over a total of eleven, and that's a lot: it's good to see so much will to discuss, it's less good to notice how most of those proposals do not get enough support to get to the voting stage or are simply left there until closed because of procedures. The nature of the Curia requires a bit of thick skin and it's common, though not mandatory, for proposals to have an overwhelming support before being moved to vote.

    In the Curia main, the discussion about Valuation of Citizenship is still going on, with some interesting, opposing positions being discussed.

    As for new Citizens, we all rejoice in welcoming our latest addition, Bagatur Sasha, patron Akar.

    Once more, if you wish to check what's going on in the Curia, in the Prothalamos you can find all the ongoing discussions and proposal. Remember that every member is welcomed to post in the Prothalamos, and not just the Citizens.

    See you next month