• A month worth a year...

    It's a heck of a late 2021 for the Curia, isn't it?

    It's been 40 days approximately since I posted the latest CMS Curial article, and during this period the Citizens haven't been idle at all. Honestly, I don't doubt that there have been periods of greater activity over the long history of this Institution, but it's encouraging to see it so vital and vibrant after a long period of little activity during the last few years (with some exceptions of course!).

    However, below are some figures, for those who like them (I do! ):

    - Eleven new Awards were positively voted (mostly related to modding, three Legio 501 ones, three Modding Service ones, four (!!) Opifexes and one for Staff service, a Novus; one Award was abandoned.
    - Two passed, one failed and one abandoned/invalid Amendment.
    - Three passed and five abandoned/invalid Decisions.
    - One Discussion (plus two more in the Curia main, one about Promoting the Curia and the one about Valuation of Citizenship).
    - One abandoned Vote of non Confidence.

    For the full list of all the finished proposals, you can check the Prothalamos Archives. However, as of today, there are fifteen more proposals under discussion, six of which have been moved to the vote already. You can find them here.

    The list of all the proposals currently under vote can be found in the Curia Vote subforum; the list of those already voted upon can be found in the Tabularium subforum, where you can also find the four Annals/Registers threads (Annals of Curial Decisions, Annals of Amendments, Annals of Curial Officer Elections, Register of Medals Awarded by Vote of the Curia), stickied on the top of the subforum list. All of them are updated as of today and represent a repository of all the Decisions, Amendments and what's not the Curia has produced since it's first day... they might be worth a read if one is of the curious kind.

    Last but not least, we had two new Citizens positively voted by the Curia: Fahnat, patron PikeStance and ggggtotalwarrior, patron Akar. Since I forgot to mention that last time, I'll do it now: as of the end of September, we had another new Citizen positively voted (an Artifex, actually), Gyrosmeister, patron Akar.

    Until the next time...
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    1. ggggtotalwarrior's Avatar
      ggggtotalwarrior -
      Hey it geg
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      Flinn -
      Quote Originally Posted by ggggtotalwarrior View Post
      Hey it geg
      I should report you as a spammer

      Jokes aside.. I know you are new in the Curia, but since you have a fresh view, let me ask you: is there anything about the Curia you'd like to be kept updated about which is not in this or the previous CMS article I posted? This is a serious question of course
    1. mishkin's Avatar
      mishkin -
      "One abandoned Vote of non Confidence".

      The instigator explained why this vonc was abandoned?
    1. Akar's Avatar
      Akar -
      Great write up, Flinn, excellent job as always .

      The instigator explained why this vonc was abandoned?
      I believe he posted his reasoning in the VoNC thread before it was archived.
    1. Dismounted Feudal Knight's Avatar
      Dismounted Feudal Knight -
      It's worth the modern year at any rate, and now that is the only bar to seriously address. May it persist, and may we see more of the like in other regions of the site.
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      Quote Originally Posted by Akar View Post
      Great write up, Flinn, excellent job as always .

      I believe he posted his reasoning in the VoNC thread before it was archived.
      right, thanks (link in case anyone is curious).
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      Septentrionalis -
      Great job Flinn and all the guys who made that happen in the Curia!