• It never rains, but it pours Awards!

    Good day to you all, fellow TWCenterers!

    They have been very active weeks in the Curia, the last few ones, haven't they? But such is the Curia, sometimes a barren land, sometimes the heart of the party.

    However, while we had a couple of failed amendments [1 & 2] and one decision [1] that passed, plus one Curial Service Award [1], it was on the side of awards related to modding, where we had plenty of proposals, all of which passed unanimously as decided by those who have voted on each of them.

    In raw numbers, we had two Opifex Large Awards [1 & 2], the most prestigious ones, awarded for exceptional contributions to Modding (but not just that), two Modding Service Awards [1 & 2], awarded for having participated within a workshop section with distinction or for having released a hosted modification and fifteen Legio 101st Awards (twelve Gold ones, two Silver ones and one Bronze one - for the full list please check The Tabularium, here), awarded for various cumulative "minor" contributions to Modding at TWC.

    It might be worth to mention that this recent burst of activity, which lead to this plethora of modding-related awards, was subsequent, and probably caused by, this failed proposal, specifically aimed at removing one of those Awards, from which we can assume that sometimes shaking the things up is more than enough to generate interest and activity.

    If you are curious about what the Curial awards are and on which reasoning they are based, you can have a check in this page (Curial awards are the first three groups at the top of the page), and if you are not privy at all about what the Curia is and does at TWC, you can check here or directly in the Curia main forum, here, or ask along any question you might have and it will be answered asap.

    Also, remember that any member, and not just Citizens (though only Citizens can vote, that is!) can make proposals in the Prothalamos, included proposing members for any award covered and assigned by the Curia via a vote.

    Until the next time...
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    1. Flinn's Avatar
      Flinn -
      Just a quick update!

      The past couple of weeks we've had more new awarded members, to be precise one Novus (Staffers' super duper shiny), and eight more modding related awards (two Legio 501s, two Modding Service ones and 4 Opifexs).