• One-minute interview with Flinn

    One-minute interview with Flinn, who recently retired from Hex

    Interview by Alwyn

    In your retrospective review of Medieval II, you wrote that "when I look for a solid strategic and immersive experience, I always go back to my Med2 Gold Edition retail version". Do you still enjoy Medieval II? Have you tried Rome Remastered, or are you considering trying it?

    Ah I remember that article, damn I was good at writing reviews Jokes aside, Medieval II (and its many mods) was a great gaming experience and I think it still is, but honestly real life doesn't allow me much time to play any game, included Med II. For that very reason I'm not going to play Rome Remastered, I simply don't have the time for it.

    How did you get involved with Content?

    Oh well back at the time I was looking for an opportunity to further contribute to TWC, and me not being a modder, I thought that approaching the Staff would be a good idea. If my memory serves me well there was a recruitment drive launched by the Content Hexers of the time (StealthFox and Omnipotent-Q), so I decided to give it a try. Besides, I was really curious to put my writing skills at test; English not being my mother language I was a bit scared, but honestly I received plenty of support and guidance and everything went well.

    What did you enjoy about being in Content?

    Almost everything about it! As I said, Content was (and still is) a very supportive environment, where Seniors are more than willing to help introduce the new staffers to their duties; furthermore, there's a very relaxed attitude, people is stimulated to produce content without excessive stress. I was given the chance to write on arguments that interested me (might them be mods or general historical/anthropological ones with The Helios), and that was great, because it helped me a lot in producing a reasonably enjoyable content for the readers.

    What have you learned from being a Content writer?

    There's plenty of opportunity to learn and to grow, and if one has the chance to become a Senior (and maybe a Hexer like it happened to me), there will be even more. There's a lot of team work, building positive and productive relations with your mates, learning about to respect schedules and so on and on. The experience certainly helped me with my real life job, and that's something, I would say.

    You became Content Director of the Eagle Standard, what was it like to be a Content Director? Do you have a favourite interview or article from that time?

    On the light of what I say about the learning process, becoming a Director was a great experience. It gave me the opportunity to put my leading skills at test and it helped me improving as a person and as a professional. There was a lot of work involved too: encouraging my writers, supporting them with their requests and needs (i.e. images, videos, etc), doing a bit of editing and the publishing/promotion part. And I never stopped writing my self.

    I really don't have a preferred article or interview, honestly I do like all the interviews we did to modders, because I deem that they have been appreciated both by the interviewed ones and the audience. If I really have to pick something, such are all my works for The Helios, which anyways are posterior to my time as Director of the Eagle Standard.

    What advice would you give to someone who was joining Content?

    Trust your mates. You are a volunteer that is being welcomed by other, more experienced, volunteers: you can trust their judgement, their will to contribute and do the good of the site, their passion. Anyone who has become a Senior has invested so much time and efforts in Content that you can bet they only mean the best for TWC.

    Let me just add this: it was an amazing ride for me, so it's definitely worth a try for you!

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