• Curia Report - Term 1 2021

    Curia Report - Term 1
    January 5th 2021 to May 13th 2021

    Posted on behalf of the glorious late King Athelstan!
    Consul's Commentary
    Salve, Citizens!

    The Wheel of Time turns, and Ages come and pass, leaving memories that become legend. Legend fades to myth, and even myth is long forgotten when the Age that gave it birth comes again.

    And now one such age has passed. I've now served for a full three terms, which is a bloody lot longer than I expected to be honest. But then again, it does run in the family, with both my grandpa Hader and my daddy Brewster both being-serving Consuls. They've done some great stuff during their reign, been through a lot of drama and though that drama has been toned down in my time, I still managed to get a VONC created against me. So there has been some spice, at least, but that's looking back at my terms as a whole - this last one has been very quiet, with very little action in the last couple of months, though February saw a fair bit of action. Cope and Legio Italica have done their duty dilligently, and are serving their third terms as Magistrate, with new elections due in not too long, so there will be plenty for the new Consul to do.

    Shoutout to Flinn, Akar, Brewster and Turkafinwë for Censor duties, Caillagh and Flinn again for Hex help, and all of you beautful bastards for making me do this for so long.

    Fittingly enough, it is my own son that has come to take my place. I'm grateful for the interest in the election and that we had a few who ran for it, and I wish a congratulations to Commodus for winning. A 4th generation Haderian, and a 4th generation Consul. I've talked with him and I'm confident that he'll shake things up a bit though, and stand as a figurehead for meaningful change.

    As always, I hope you're all doing well - while some are getting vaccinated, for most there is still a way to go in this pandemic. Working from home can be taxing, and many have found life to become more of a muddled mess than have some clear structure. If you're feeling like not everything is ok or as it should be, there is always the great PH&A subforum, or if you need somewhere to vent in private then do feel free to message me.

    It's been a fair bit of fun folks, but now my long awaited (probably temporary considering how one always comes back) "retirement" begins.

    -King Athelstan


    I. Consul. 06/01/2020 - King Athelstan re-elected for his third consecutive term after regular expiration of two terms.

    II. Magistrate. 29/1/2021 - Legio Italica re-elected for a third term after regular expiration two terms.
    III. Magistrate. 1/2/2021 - Cope re-elected for a third term after regular expiration two terms.

    IV. Consul. 13/05/2020 - Emperor Commodus elected as Consul after regular expiration of King Athelstan's term.



    03/02/2021 - [Amendment] Expanding the TWC Milestone Award [17-2-0]
    07/09/2021 - [Amendment] Magistrate Term Gap Closing Act [18-0-0]
    10/02/2021 - [Amendment] Suspension of rank and loss of badge and color display ability [13-5-0]
    11/02/2021 - (Amendment) Section III, Article [6-14-2]

    Citizenship Applications

    07/02/2021 - Wallachian awarded with Artifex. Patron: Abdülmecid I (22-0-1)


    06/02/2021 - [AWARD] Morticia Iunia Bruti for Legio 501st Medal (Silver) [20-0-1]
    10/02/2021 - [Opifex] Seether (Patron: Gigantus) [22-1-1]

    Disciplinary Procedures

    01/09/2020 - [Ostrakon] Pontifex Maximus [16-13-6]

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