• Curia Report - Term 2 2020

    Curia Report - Term 2
    September 1st 2020 to January 5th 2021

    Consul's Commentary
    Happy New Year, Citizens!
    This term marks quite the change of pace from the former, and has seen a marked decline in activity, though I am fairly sure that there's a fair few things happening in the world that stand as an explanation. The pandemic continues to hit us all, but there is hope on the horizon as several vaccines have rolled out and mass vaccinations have started. However, that doesn't mean all is quiet on the western front. Despite only 1 bills passing this term it was quite drastic in effect. Removing Citizen referrals in its entirety, leaving Ostrakon as the only way for a Citizen to be voted out of Citizenship also had the effect of abolishing the Praefect system, as it was no longer needed. This marked a change where moderation powers were returned in full to the Consul, who now rules the Curia with an iron fist, ushering it into an age of peace and prosperity. Or at least peace, as referrals being misused and deemed petty has been a problem for more terms than not.

    The elections also saw a period of peace - As only the Consulship and Magistrate positions are electable, and none resigned or lost their position during this term we only saw three elections, all ending fruitfully. There was also a few Citizen applications, mostly because of Flinn, and all coming through belonging to the House of Hader - looks like the others have some catching up to do...

    Anyways, as I'm writing this in a bit later I can see there's a larger number of applicants to this Consul election compared to the last, which hopefully broods well for the coming months.

    To close up, I'll quote myself from the last report, as I believe it to be just as relevant now.

    Quote Originally Posted by King Athelstan View Post
    Real Life always takes priority. In the grand scheme of things Total War Center is "just" an online forum - Prioritize yourself first if you need a break from stress, then come back. We'll be around
    But that doesn't mean TWC cannot be that be that break
    -King Athelstan


    XIV. Primus Praefectus. 31/08/2020 - Lifthrasir elected after Pontifex Maximus' resignation.

    XI. Magistrate. 01/10/2020 - Legio Italica re-elected for a second term after regular expiration of one term.

    XI. Magistrate. 05/10/2020 - Cope re-elected for a second term after regular expiration of one term.



    03/09/2020 - [Amendment] Changing the name of Censor to Pro-Consul [7-5-2]
    07/09/2020 - [Amendment] Ye Olde Referral Removal [23-0-1]

    Citizenship Applications

    16/09/2020 - phazer awarded with Artifex. Patron: Flinn (22-0-1)
    22/10/2020 - Jake Armitage awarded with Artifex. Patron: Flinn (13-0-0)
    26/10/2020 - Sara Temer awarded with Artifex. Patron: Akar (16-0-0)
    06/11/2020 - webba84 awarded with Artifex. Patron: Flinn (13-0-0)



    Disciplinary Procedures

    01/09/2020 - General Brewster's case dismissed.

    • Flinn and Lifthrasir moved to dismiss.
    • Archived privately.

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