• Curia Report - Term 2 (2019-2020)

    Curia Report - Term 2
    May 1st 2019 to April 6th 2020

    Consul's Commentary
    Hello all,

    How you all managed to elect me two more times for a total term lasting a year as consul, I have no idea. I didn't bribe anyone this time so it actually baffles me.

    We find ourselves in quite the strange time indeed, with all the drama having to play out so near the end of my term, is Hader actually worse than Stalin as his previous Mount&Blade clan so believed, or is it all because of COVID-19? We may never know.

    We come into 2020 for TWC on the downslope of activity overall for the site, but most especially felt in the Curia, which has seen very little in all aspect of life happen. In fact, 2019 saw not a single citizen referral brought forward, certainly making the Praefects job seem a bit too cushy. But we still have a good number of new citizens, when you consider overall site activity, so all is not that dead. Coming on the heels of the totally not a big deal Curial Overhaul Order 66, what we make of the Curia pushing forward even a year out from that is still just up to us all, as it always has been. Contrary to what Halie may have pointed out, there are no lifeboats, and I did not design them, but I may or may not have had a hand in the iceberg. Still no word from the crow's nest.

    On the soon to be retired Consul's personal note, most reading this probably are pretty aware of the pandemic of COVID sweeping over us right now. It surely is going to affect everyone in some way, some more than others, and I'm hoping everyone is able to make it through such tough times with minimal issue. For myself, being both a civilian medical provider and medic in the military (and even more specifically, the National Guard), I have and will continue to find myself on the supposed front lines of the pandemic for quite a while now. I suppose it is a good thing I did not intend to run for another term here and it is ending now, because I find it unlikely I will have the time or even access to be here much in the near future! As someone that has been in the medical field as an instructor for some time as well, I actually garnered a strange interest in epidemiology and have done quite a bit of education of that tied into emergency medicine. I'm sure people in the past couple years looked at me weird for the emphasis on the Spanish Flu Pandemic, but are probably a little grateful for that training at least these days. Small miracles.

    I'll cut it short here then as we welcome in our new consul, King Athelstan, whom is totally not on Flinn's payroll to assassinate me and usurp the house and Curia as dictator.



    VII. Magistrate. 03/05/2019 - Veteraan elected after regular expiration of General Brewster's term.

    VIII. Magistrate. 04/06/2019 - TheDarkKnight elected after regular expiration of Elfdude's term.

    IX. Praefect. 13/06/2019 - Van Zandt re-elected after regular expiration of his term.

    X. Primus Praefect. 27/06/2019 - Van Zandt elected, after resignation of Katsumoto.

    XI. Praefect. 07/08/2019 - Lord William elected after Van Zandt's promotion to Primus Praefect.

    XII. Consul. 03/08/2019 - Hader re-elected after serving one full term.

    XIII. Magistrate. 14/09/2019 - Veteraan re-elected after regular expiration of his term.

    XIV. Praefect. 01/10/2019 - Legio_Italica elected after normal expiration of Quintus Hortensius Hortalus' term.

    XV. Magistrate. 18/10/2019 - Hitai de Bodemloze elected after regular expiration of TheDarkKnight's term.

    I. Magistrate. 21/01/2020 - Veteraan re-elected for second consecutive term after regular expiration of one term.

    II. Praefect. 07/02/2020 - King Athelstan elected after regular expiration of Lord William's term.

    III. Magistrate. 26/02/2020 - General Brewster elected after regular expiration of Hitai de bodemloze's term.

    IV. Praefect.04/04/2020 - Lifthrasir elected after regular expiration of Legion_Italica's term.

    IV. Consul. 05/04/2020 - King Athlestan elected after regular expiration of Hader's term.



    08/03/2019 - [Discusssion] What can the Curia do for TWC? [Abandoned]
    10/03/2019 - [Decision] Certification Program [Abandoned]
    17/04/2019 - [Decision] Moving the CCT [Abandoned]
    11/05/2019 - [Discussion] Regular Curial Announcements [Abandoned]
    14/10/2019 - [Decision] Board of Citizens [Abandoned]
    15/10/2019 - [Decision] Creation of the Senatorial Class [Abandoned]
    15/10/2019 - [Decision] Patronus Award [Abandoned]


    28/03/2020 - [VonC] Primus Praefect - Van Zandt [14-12-0]

    Citizenship Applications

    30/07/2019 - Medusa0 awarded with Artifex. Patron: z3n (15-0-0)
    11/08/2019 - Kritias awarded with Civitate. Patron: Abdulmecid I (11-0-2)
    04/11/2019 - Chesser awarded with Citizenship. Patron: General Brewster (21-0-1)


    10/02/2020 - Akar awarded with Civitate. Patron: King Athelstan (17-0-3)
    10/02/2020 - Turkafinwe awarded with Civitate. Patron: Legio_Italica (20-0-0)
    27/02/2020 - crazyroman awarded with Artifex. Patron: Van Zandt (13-0-0)
    15/03/2020 - CommodusIV awarded with Citizenship. Patron: King Athelstan (14-0-2)
    29/03/2020 - Alexander78 awarded with Civitate. Patron: Van Zandt (13-2-0)


    Gigantus for Divus: May 23rd, 2019
    Flinn for Asterix's Loincloth: June 18, 2019
    Caillagh de Bodemloze for Novus: 10 August, 2019
    Gigantus for Modding Service Award & Legio 501st Modder Award(s): 19 September, 2019
    lolisuck for Novus: 22 March, 2020
    Abdulmecid I for Phalera: March 22nd, 2020

    Disciplinary Procedures



    05/04/2020 - General Brewster's case dismissed.

    • King Athelstan and Legio_Italica voted to dismiss.
    • Archived publicly.

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    1. King Athelstan's Avatar
      King Athelstan -
      Curia Report - Term 1
      April 6th 2020 to September 1st 2020

      Consul's Commentary
      Salve, Citizens!
      Quote Originally Posted by Hader View Post
      I'll cut it short here then as we welcome in our new consul, King Athelstan, whom is totally not on Flinn's payroll to assassinate me and usurp the house and Curia as dictator.
      Well well, it seems Hader has become not just a retired Consul, but a retired administrator. Coincidence? I am by law (or by Flinn) required to answer no. Anyways, this first term has been a doozy for me, and there has been a fair amount of action throughout! I served as assistant for a spell under Aikinar until Order 66 struck, so I thought I'd be well prepared to tackle any oncoming challenge like a pro. However, I'm very glad to have had both my pa Brew and son Akar to guide me/do my dirty work, so I'm very grateful to the both of them. I'm also glad to see Brew continue on through the second term, though Akar takes a well-deserved rest after a teeth-clenchingly close election run. The apprentice hasn't surpassed the master, yet. (Though I am short of a Censor, if we have any volunteers?

      So where Haders last term in office was one of peace, this has been one of action. There has been multiple proposals, referrals, dramas and Voncs, oh how I love a good Vonc(Not on me though, I'm warning you). After all, what would the Curia be without a bit of action to rob the officers of their sleep? When push comes to shove though I'm just glad we've mostly kept sort of inbetween level-and-a-bit-under headed and kept things running fairly smoothish, though an overwhelming majority of proposals have ended in abandonment.
      And while there has been some lull in activity there have been a fair influx of new citizens, many thanks to a well-orchestrated drive by a certain house, with more surely to come. The other houses can't let themselves be beat by the House of Hader, eh?, so go patronize! (The nice patronizing, not being impromptly rude to someone).

      And to not keep this introduction going forever, I'll be fairly brief on the last bit - There is a lot of stuff going on in the world now, Covid is still going strong and doesn't look to still as a threat for a good while yet, which impacts us all, whether through work, social life or health. Thus, I'd like to issue a reminder that Real Life always takes priority. In the grand scheme of things Total War Center is "just" an online forum - Prioritize yourself first if you need a break, then come back. We'll be around

      It certainly looks like the beginning of my second term will be just as, if not even more fraught with action than my first, so I wish myself luck and all the best for you.

      PS: if any of you curious people out there clicked on this as the article version, whether you're a registered forum member or not - get involved with TWC, whether it's wanting to become a citizen, take up a staff position or just make an account and post a nice comment on someones mod thread, it makes a difference.

      -King Athelstan


      VI. Praefect. 12/04/2020 - Cope elected after King Athelstan's move to Consul

      VII. Magistrate. 03/05/2020 - CommodusIV elected after General Brewsters resignation

      VIII. Magistrate. 21/05/2020 - Legio Italica elected after regular expiration of Veteraan's term

      IX. Magistrate. 22/05/2020 - No one elected after CommodusIV's election to magistrate deemed invalid

      X. Praefect. 22/05/2020 - Leonardo elected after Lifthrasirs resignationl

      XI. Magistrate. 28/05/2020 - Cope elected.

      XII. Praefect. 31/05/2020 - Pontifex Maximus elected after Leonardos resignation.

      XIII. Praefect. 06/06/2020 - Imperator Majora elected after Cope's move to Magistrate

      XIV. Primus Praefectus. 26/06/2020 - Pontifex Maximus elected after regular expiration of Van Zandt's term

      XV. Praefect. 08/07/2020 - Flinn elected after Pontifex Maximus' move to Primus Praefectus

      XVI. Consul. 01/08/2020 - King Athelstan re-elected for second consecutive term after regular expiration of one term.



      09/04/2020 - [PROPOSAL] Frivolous Citizen Referals] [Abandoned]
      22/04/2020 - [PROPOSAL] [Decision] Increased Award Levels for the Picture of the Week Contest. [Abandoned]
      09/04/2020 - [Decision] Button revamp [7-1-1]
      17/05/2020 - [VoNC] Akar [Abandoned]
      17/05/2020 - [VoNC] Akar [Abandoned]
      17/05/2020 - [VoNC] Cope [Abandoned]
      14/04/2020 - [Amendment] Citizenship Reform [Abandoned]
      17/05/2020 - [Decision] Veteraan for Judge's Gavel [Invalid]
      17/05/2020 - [VoNC] Akar [Abandoned]
      18/05/2020 - Petitition to Close the [VonC] Akar Thread [Invalid]
      11/04/2020 - [Decision] Dissolve the Curia [Invalid]
      17/05/2020 - [Amendment] Curial Officer Requirements [Abandoned]
      21/05/2020 - [Discussion]Modding Awards [Abandoned]
      24/05/2020 - [Decision] Troy Badges Competition [23-0-1]
      25/05/2020 - [Decision]Trial by Combat [Abandoned]
      20/04/2020 - [Discussion] House Cup 2.0 [Abandoned]
      29/05/2020 - #JUSTICETOMADORC [Abandoned]
      24/05/2020 - [Amendment] Extend the term of consuls and magistrates [12-7-0]
      06/06/2020 - [Amendment] Referral Clarifications [15-1-1]
      18/04/2020 - [Decision] No More Decisions, No More Constitution [Abandoned]
      03/06/2020 - [Discussion] LM badges and username color [Abandoned]
      27/08/2020 - [Decision] Augustus Brewster [Invalid]

      Citizenship Applications

      15/04/2020 - Swaeft awarded with Citizenship. Patron: King Athelstan (18-0-0)
      03/05/2020 - Cookiegod not awarded with citizenship. Patron: Commisar Calgula (5-8-0)
      12/05/2020 - Kilo11 awarded with Citizenship. Patron: Flinn (3-0-0)
      17/05/2020 - OreoMan32's application withdrawn. Patron: Pikestance
      18/05/2020 - OreoMan32's application withdrawn. Patron: Pikestance
      28/05/2020 - Mergor awarded with Citizenship. Patron: Jadli (18-0-0)
      19/06/2020 -Peaman awarded with Artifex. Patron: King Athelstan (14-0-0)
      07/06/2020 -Vladyvid awarded with Artifex. Patron: Flinn (15-0-0)
      13/07/2020 -Nedluin awarded with Artifex. Patron: Van Zandt (17-0-0)
      10/08/2020 -Dick Cheney. awarded with Civitate. Patron: Flinn (16-0-1)


      Hader for Curial Service Award: April 6th, 2020
      makanyane for Novus: April 15th, 2020
      chriscase for Phalera: April 27th, 2020
      Akar for Asterix's Loincloth: June 19th, 2020
      Lord Oda Nobunaga for Phalera: July 2nd, 2020
      Roma_Victrix for Phalera: July 15th, 2020
      Basileos Leandros I for Phalera: July 28th, 2020
      Bran Mac Born for Opifex: August 4th, 2020

      Disciplinary Procedures

      17/05/2020 - Commisar Caligulas's case abandoned.

      • Archived privately.

      19/05/2020 - Pikestance's case deemed frivolous and rejected.

      • Archived privately.

      05/06/2020 - PointofViewGun's case dismissed.

      • Van Zandt and Imperator Majora moved to dismiss.
      • Archived privately.