• 2018 TWC Modding Awards!

    2018 TWC Modding Awards!
    by Legio_Italica

    Greetings TWC! The 2018 Modding Awards are over, and the results are in. As is customary, the Eagle Standard is here again to deliver the highlights and recap this years top titles and modders. The Awards were delayed due to issues which plagued the nominations and voting process, including site update issues that severely impacted the nominations stage, and other commitments that impeded the ability of the Awards Committee to publish the results within the normal timeframe. Nevertheless, the tireless efforts of relatively fewer volunteers were not in vain, and as a result, we have another class of accomplished nominees to recognize for their contributions to the community. You can view the winners here.

    This year marked the first installment of the new Total War Sagas series, Thrones of Britannia. The awards categories grew in number this year, including “Committee’s Favorite Mod” and “Modder” as well as “Favorite New Modder” and “Favorite Classical Modder.” Strong performance from Rome and Medieval 2 mods mustered the bulk of engagement, garnering about twice as many votes on average compared to later titles. Revamped awards categories consolidated a decline in the average number of votes cast, as has been the trend in recent years.

    The winners for individual modder categories featured some new faces, others, more familiar. Steph and Daruwind tied for Favorite Fantasy Age Modder (Warhammer I, II). Dresden and Miguel_80 both won the equivalent distinction for Steel Age titles (Rome II, Attila, Thrones of Britannia), while Miguel_80 also took home the title in two other categories, Musket Age (Shogun 2, Empire, Napoleon), and Rome I. QuintusSertorius took home the title of Favorite Modder for Medieval II.

    Voters also recognized Favorite Tool and Resource Makers, paleologos and Swiss Halberdier , and the Awards Committee selected their own favorite modders, leo.civil.uefs, Lanjane, and Prince of Essling. Skotos of Sinope won Favorite New Modder, and DARTH VADER took home the title for Favorite Classical Modder.

    The medals, kindly provided by Lifthrasir:

    IMPORTANT NOTICE: The Awards Committee has created a discussion thread to collect ideas and feedback from the whole community regarding what can be done in order to revamp and improve the Awards. Everyone is welcome to participate, just read the OP before posting.

    Please be sure to pass along your congratulations, rep, and well wishes to the winners. The official thread announcing them all, with links to their work, can be found here. Their hard work and dedication continues to breathe life into the full slate of Total War titles spanning two decades.

    The TWC Community also owes its gratitude to the Awards Committee, which this year included Lifthrasir, Steph, makanyane, b0Gia de Bodemloze and Flinn. If you'd like to rep the Committee members, an easy way to do that is to use this link!

    Of course, we must also thank the nominees, the voters, and everyone who participated in making the 2018 Modding Awards Competition a success. Their efforts ensure this TWC tradition can continue next year. Lifthrasir is currently designing the logo and medals for the 2019 competition. With next year's awards in mind, have you been keeping up with the News Announcements for mods released in 2019? View the compiled list here.

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    1. Flinn's Avatar
      Flinn -
      thanks to Legio_Italica for this well written piece and summary!

      For the records, we are working in the Committee to try to launch the awards in an earlier stage of the year for the 2019 edition, I mean compared to previous editions at the least
    1. Turkafinwë's Avatar
      Turkafinwë -
      Great to see that the modding community is still very active, especially to see the older titles still going strong. I'm always surprised to see Rome and Medieval II still being the most beloved part of the modding community after so many years. Great work from the modders!

      Thank you Legio_Italica for writing this!

      A thank you (in no particular order) to all participants in the Modding Awards, the nominees, voters, Award Committee, artists, the organisers and of course the winners!
    1. Lanjane's Avatar
      Lanjane -
      Thank you very much for including my mod, Lanjane's Barbarian Empires, in the list. However in the compiled list there are three separate entries for basically one series of mods, please reunite all Barbarian Empires related stuff scattered around. There are two individual mods under Barbarian Empires title: original Lanjane's Barbarian Empires mod, which had two releases on TWC, and standalone addon Barbarian Empires: Hellenistic Legacy, made by crazyroman and me. They can be united under one Barbarian Empires series banner. Thank you so much!