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    The Curia is a forum within Total War Center which has existed since late 2003. It was created for the purpose of aiding the Hexagon Council in the running of the forums. The Curia is responsible for awarding members with Citizenship, and only Citizens may post in the Curia.

    The Curia makes suggestions about the running of the forums and is responsible for maintaining the Constitution of TWCenter. The Constitution dictates the procedure for election of the Curial Officers, which are essential to the running of the Curia and some site facets.

    The Curia is moderated on a day-to-day basis by the Consul and, if required, his appointed deputy assistants known as Censors. The Curia and its related forums are moderated by the Praefects.


    According to the Constitution: "It is the goal of the Curia to foster all communities within the forums of Total War Center, and in this spirit the Curia serves as an advisory group to, and an awards committee for, the site."

    For the purposes of fulfilling its objectives, the Curia forum has four sub-forums for specific administrative uses and a fifth, the Symposium, for debate:

    Quaestiones Perpetuae
    This is the forum where Citizenship applications are posted and then processed by the Citizenry.

    A forum specifically created for formally proposing and discussing Amendments to the Constitution, Curial Decisions and the granting of Awards. Voting on proposals does not take place in this forum. This forum is open for all members, regardless of citizenship, to post and discuss resolutions.

    Curia Vote
    A forum for voting on proposals that have the required support and for the election of Curial Officers. Posting is limited to the notification of having voted.

    The Politia is the private forum in the Curia reserved for the sitting Consul and Censors, as well as the Praefects. It is used as a discussion and work area for their tasks, chief among them generally being disciplinary actions in the form of referral cases, and where such cases are privately stored.

    A citizens only discussion forum. The forum is designed for debate, and as such the rules are considered somewhat more relaxed compared to other parts of the forum. The Symposium also includes a subforum for the storage of threads relevant to the history of TWC.


    History of the Curia
    Various reforms have taken place within the Curia over time. Details of changes to the constitution from 2007 onwards can be found in the Annals of Amendments

    Archived history of the Curia can also be found in the Symposium.

    Throughout its existence the Curia has been a controversial subject. Many have claimed the Curia is not an effective administrative body, that mob rule simply does not work on a forum, or that the Curia does not have the ability to undertake its goals. Under various Administrators, the Curia has struggled to define its place on the site, to what authority it should truly command. Under Ogre's Network the Curia's existence came up in various arguments, but the most pressing event was just before the sale of the site to Imb39, where the Curia was almost deleted. The Curia has since undergone many changes from its initial conception, and its purpose and ever hotly debated topic, but still remains a unique and integral part of the site for many members, most especially those that have been on the forums the longest.

    Additional Information

    Additional information on Citizenship can be found here, as well as the Constitution, and this article on Citizenship.

    More information on current curial officers, elections, and reports can be found here, and the Guide to the Curia has more in-depth information as well.

    The Curial Commentary Thread is also open to all for discussion on anything related to or going on in the Curia.
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