• 2016 TWC MODDING AWARDS - Winners Revealed!

    The Sun is setting, the land is getting dark and the Orcs are marching upon the fields… From afar a dim light approaches, getting stronger as it does so. Do you have the heart to fight this final battle at the side of the Gods? Votes have been cast, and it is time for those who are worthy to collect their deserved prize!

    2016 MODDING AWARDS - Winners Revealed!

    Esteemed fellow TWCenterers and guest alike, is with great pleasure that the Eagle Standard is informing you all that the 2016 Modding Awards are finally over and that therefore the winners have been revealed! Please feel free to stop by and congratulate with all the winners.

    The 2016 edition has seen the introduction of the latest TW title released, Warhammer; as expected it attracted some interest but it certainly hasn't been the most voted one, as this honor went, again, to Medieval 2. Let's see some figures in deeper details.

    All in all, there have been approximately 1850 votes, which represents an increase of about 500 votes compared to the 2015 edition; of course, 2015 edition was the second one we run last year and this time we are having more categories (with the introduction of the Resource Awards, the Classic Awards and of course with all the categories from Warhammer), but in any case it's reassuring to see that the interest around the Awards, and the mods themselves, has not actually decreased.

    As said Medieval 2 is still the most popular in terms of votes, having scored approximately one third of the total amount, and it's followed from afar by Rome 2, Attila, Rome and Empire (each of them with around 10 - 12% of the total votes). The remaining share has been divided almost equally amongst the other titles, with Napoleon on top and Shogun 2 on the bottom. Warhammer itself approximately hit around 8% of the total votes, while the Resource and Classic Modder awards scored a 5% all together.
    In terms of categories, almost 50% of the votes (in total for all the titles) went to the Most Popular Modder categories, which is not surprising I would say; without modders there won't be any mod and certainly the contribution a modder gives to the community is not limited to the mods he releases.
    On the side of the new Classic Categories, the numbers say that they had a good result in termos of votes, which is not unexpected, considering how many great mods and submods which are not updated anymore are still loved by a lot of people and also serve as a base for new mods and submods (such is the case of Third Age: Total War or Stainless Steel, for instance), so we are likely going to propose again those categories in the future editions; for what concerns the Resources awards, the votes haven't been much, but again this is not very surprising, as tools and resources are more the bread and butter of modders and hence have a smaller audience (compared to mods).

    All the medals created by Lifthrasir for the 2016 edition.

    As usual, I'm going to provide a quick overview on the results for what concerns the Most Popular Modders; this year we had some returns, many confirmations and quite a lot of new entries.

    For what concerns our legends, Dresden has proven again all his talent by winning in two titles (Attila and Rome 2) and by ending up as runner up in a third one (Warhammer); same story with Radious, who admirably won in the Warhammer section and also ended up as runner up in Attila; Steph and uanime5 (the former as winner of the Napoleon section and the latter of Shogun 2 section) have been chosen for the umpteenth time by the membership (5 and 4 times in a row, respectively). Similarly Lordsith (4 times winner in a row in the Empire section) and Bran Mac Born (4 medals in the last 4 editions for Empire and Napoleon) have confirmed their skills and the appreciation they receive. On the side of Medieval 2, Arachir Galudirithon is definitely getting the lion's share, as he won the last three editions consecutively; close to him we have Hummingbird, who ended up for the second time in a row as runner up in this category. A special mention to Gigantus, who has won his 8th medal in a row (in eight editions), we can't really get rid of this old lad, can we?
    The list of those who have confirmed themselves this year is closed by Swiss Halberdier (second runner up in the Rome 2 section, after the three medals of the 2015 edition) and b0Gia de Bodemloze (winner of the Rome category, after his second runner up, last edition).
    Amongst those who have confirmed from editions prior to the 2015 one, we have some well welcomed returns, such as Sebidee (second runner up in Rome 2, a return from the 2014 edition), Primergy (Shogun 2 second runner up, returning after his victories in the 2012 and 2014 editions) and Dvk901, one of the elder modders here at TWC, who ended up as runner up for Rome category (adding to his already incredibly long list of 6 medals for Rome, from 2007 to 2013).

    For what concerns the new entries, a special mention goes to KAM 2150, who ended up as second runner up in Warhammer and also runner up in Rome 2, well done sir! It is also good to see so many new entries, such as warman222 (runner up in Attila), Miguel_80 (second runner up in Rome 2), izzi (runner up in Shogun 2), Sirlion (second runner up in Napoleon), PikeStance & HighOnTea (joint runners up for the Empire category) and webba84 (runner up in the Rome category), for a total of 8 new entries on a pool of 22 awarded modders.

    Last but not least, those who have been awarded in the Classic Most Popular Modder category; Riothamus & Tango12345 (joint winners) and +Mr.Crow+ & Point Blank (joint runners up); to you sirs, goes our special thanks, for all that you did in the past years and for the awesome mods you have produced. Congrats!

    For the complete list of modders and mods that have been awarded, don't forget to check the OFFICIAL RESULTS THREAD.

    The glorious XXXIII° Legio, The Modding Awards Committee!

    A final note about the Modding Awards Committee, without which no Awards would be possible; this edition's team has worked hard to expand into new categories, increase the overall quality of the awards and in general improve the experience of modders and members alike. The team is always very concerned about providing the fairest competition possible, with the final goal of having the best for the most.

    Below this edition's team; if you wish to show them your appreciation by leaving a small rep message, simply use the green button, thanks!

    Flinn (Admin stuff, advertising, rules/categories discussion, ES stuff)
    Lifthrasir (Art stuff, advertising, mod listing, rules/categories discussion)
    Iskar (advertising, mod listing, rules/categories discussion)
    Steph (mod listing, rules/categories discussion)
    b0Gia de Bodemloze (mod listing, rules/categories discussion)
    Shankbot de Bodemloze (advertising, rules/categories discussion, updating the Hall of Fame)
    Frunk (advertising, rules/categories discussion)

    Lastly, a special thanks goes to all the members who have participated in the nominations and voting for this edition, and in particular to those who have shared their thoughts with the Team; we are always open to listen to new ideas, so keep them coming!

    Until the next time ...

    on behalf of the Modding Awards Committee.

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    1. Bran Mac Born's Avatar
      Bran Mac Born -
      Congrats to all the winners for making these games more fun and interesting to play.
    1. Lifthrasir's Avatar
      Lifthrasir -
      Congratz to all winners. It's been a pleasure again to work in the Committee.
      Now, I'm gonna get some rest until the next one

      PS: can I have my cookie now, Flinn???
    1. Riothamus's Avatar
      Riothamus -
      Well Done to everyone. It's a great experience and an honor being apart of the TWC Community. Salute!
      And Salute to The 8 Star General Gigantus!
    1. Swiss Halberdier's Avatar
      Swiss Halberdier -
      Congratulations to all winners. Thanks to all participants and voters. Thanks to the whole commitee for creating and managing the awards! Nice award medals Lifthrasir.
    1. GurneyMan's Avatar
      GurneyMan -
      To the winners and all modders. From one of many who enjoy the fruits of your labour but can't mod for naught - Congrats and many thanks.
    1. Lifthrasir's Avatar
      Lifthrasir -
      Thanks SH
    1. Frunk's Avatar
      Frunk -
      Another great edition of the awards. Well done to the team and congratulations to the winners!
    1. izzi's Avatar
      izzi -
      Thanks to the modding committee for holding the modding awards. Many thanks for your effort.
    1. Flinn's Avatar
      Flinn -
      Quote Originally Posted by Lifthrasir View Post

      PS: can I have my cookie now, Flinn???
      no, we only serve lasagna
    1. Lifthrasir's Avatar
      Lifthrasir -
      Not even a Tiramisu?
    1. Gigantus's Avatar
      Gigantus -
      Sterling work again - much appreciated. Getting another award doesn't hurt either
    1. ♔atthias♔'s Avatar
      ♔atthias♔ -
      Quote Originally Posted by Lifthrasir View Post
      Not even a Tiramisu?
      I can ask if my mom delivers one to dunkirk it is fairly close
    1. Junaidi83 de Bodemloze's Avatar
      Junaidi83 de Bodemloze -
      Conggrats ^^