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    Re: UK election thread

    ^I assume the IRA history took place after 2017, else it makes even that chart seem more bizarre
    Anyway, one can always hope that the british

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    Re: Catalonia Revisited

    No. The Catalan nationalists would not be appeased (they are not advocating a Spanish republic but an independent state) and the Spanish nationalists

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    Re: The ethics of reporting a racist friend..?

    Sure, it's not crazy per se. But it is horrible. Horrible in a sense that a decent person would be ashamed of such thoughts.

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    Re: How script-able are mods?

    First, don't expect being able to port WHII mechanism to WHI. This requires piece of code added by CA for WHII only. You could however have it work with

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    Re: Catalonia Revisited

    I really doubt so. Like other European monarchies, Spanish is largely ceremonial, with power comparable to European presidents.


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