• Eagle Standard 2017 Recruitment Drive


    Hello fellow TWC members,

    we hereby announce that the Eagle Standard has officially opened a new recruitment drive for the 2017 and hence is looking forward to receive the applications of those interested in becoming a brand new writer and member of the TWC Content Staff.

    Now you are probably wondering, what's the Eagle Standard exactly? You might have noticed that we are posting regularly new articles through the dedicated section, which has been recently implemented during 2015, so you probably already know what do we write about here. As the historical description of our department declaims:

    Total War Writers / Mod Reviewers
    The Eagle Standard
    has been the bread and butter for anyone looking to get the latest modification reviews and in-depth Total War articles since 2005. If ranting and raving about the latest developments in the Total War world is something you do. If reviewing modifications such as the Last Great War and the Third Age: Total War or interviewing the most well-known modders sounds like your cup of tea, then why not give it a go? No need to worry that your English or writing skills may not be up to the task, we're happy to provide help and plenty of guidance.

    But, in practice, what do we write about? Below is a detailed list:

    - Previews/Reviews/Retrospectives of TW titles
    - Reviews/Restrospectives of Modifications for TW titles
    - Interviews with TWC Modders
    - Advertisement, support and follow up to the Modding Awards
    - Advertisement and support for any TW related project held here at TWC (such as the H.E.L.P. project)

    Each member of the team is usually free to write on the topic they prefer, as long as this falls within the categories above; we might be requesting and assigning specific works according to the needs of the moment, but in general you'll be free to express your talent by writing on what you like the most. The team will always be happy to support you and plenty of guidance, suggestions and advices will be delivered at need; similarly, any question or idea you might have, you'll be free to submit it. Flexibility is the rule for us and plenty of time will be allowed to learn how to become a successful ES writer!

    If the interest in our topics does not seem enough for you, by joining the ES (and the Content in general) you'll have access to other perks, such as:

    - the opportunity to learn and to grow as a person;
    - the opportunity to work along with other great writers and mates, with the hope to develop/improve skills such as teamwork and reciprocal support, as an example;
    - the opportunity to support the whole TWC modding community and your favorite mods and modders;
    - the opportunity to gain reputation and badges as a reward for your work in the Content;

    For this specific recruitment, we are looking forward in particular (but not limited to, so everyone interested is more than welcomed to PM me) for people interested/experienced in all the later TW titles, and for any other area related to the modding of the lastest TW titles (Rome II, Attila and Warhammer mostly). Once again, those are just the most urgent categories we want to fill up; as a matter of fact we are also looking forward to recruit some new interviewers, because there are plenty of great modders out there who deserve to be interviewed and we really hope to be able to give as much coverage as possible to them.

    As of today, the Team is composed by:

    Flinn (Director)
    Lugotorix (Deputy)
    Old Dragoon

    You are free to contact the Director to apply for a possible position in the ES; in doing so, I kindly ask you to spend few words about yourself and about which are your preferred topics, so that we can easily and quickly catalogue your application and be ready to give you a feedback.

    On behalf of the Eagle Standard, of the Contest Staff and of Total War Center, I thank you for the time you spent in reading this and I heartly hope to receive many new applications.

    Flinn, Eagle Standard Director