• Amendment - Votes of No Confidence

    A change has been made to the Constitution under Section III, Article II. via Curia vote. The Amendment means from now on members who are subject to a successful Vote of Note Confidence (VoNC), or who resign during a VoNC process, are not allowed to stand for election in the replacement election or the full election for the next open seat of the same position.

    The change is as followed:

    Section III - The Legislature[...]
    Article II. Election Procedure[...]
    Votes of No ConfidenceAt any time any Citizen of Total War Center may initiate a Vote of No Confidence against any member holding a position elected by the Curia, or in any individual who is responsible for managing some part of the site. A VoNC may only be initiated for neglect of duty or abuse of authority. Frivolous use of this procedure shall be considered grounds for Curial disciplinary proceedings. VoNCs are exempt from veto. A VoNC against an elected member results in that member's immediate demotion, whilst other VoNCs are non-binding. The debate and vote on a Vote of No Confidence shall follow the same procedure as that of a bill as per Section 3, Article 3.

    Any member subject to a successful VoNC or who resigns during the VoNC process, may not run in the replacement or full election for the next open seat of the same position.

    You can view the Curia vote thread here. If you have any questions or comments about this recent Amendment then please don't hesitate to post them in the Townhall thread.

    Shankbot de Bodemloze,