• Curia Report - Q1 2015

    In order to absolve myself for being late with January and February's report I've decided to clump the reports together into quarters. There is an actual reason behind this as well, the basic report doesn't have much information in it and I felt it wouldn't do any harm in combining them into three-month sections. Plus, with the CMS system that has recently been installed it allows more time for different articles to be written and posted about the Curia, with hopefully content more interesting than a break-down of proposals and referrals. You can read more about the CMS system with regards to the Curia over in this thread.

    Alongside this there has been several important discussions arising over the past three months. Of particular interest is one about making the Curia more visible, another is on the appeal procedure - which, despite being part of the Constitution for roughly a year, was given its first test drive recently following an appeal by mongrel to overturn a Censure issued by the Citizen's Triumvirate.

    Of course it wouldn't be the Curia without some drama, and this quarter we've had a Loincloth being offered to menacing Moderator (no, not Gigantus) and a Censor face a VoNC; alongside the usual Amendment and Award proposals - the latter of which there have been five successfully granted. On the subject of granting, five members have been granted Citizenship and joined our ranks - to them we wish a warm welcome to the Curia. With a 100% success rate hopefully that will encourage even more members to have a go at applying!

    Outside of the Curia the nominations for the 2013 Modding Awards have ended, so keep an eye out for the voting threads which will soon be up. A big thank-you to everyone who made a nomination. As mentioned the new CMS system is installed and in the process of getting up and running, but that isn't the only new feature of the site. We now have a dedicated Blog feature which is certainly worth taking a look at. At the moment it is only open to Staff, but there has been talk on getting other groups of people permissions to start one. A full run-down of the new features can be read here.

    To round off, drama hasn't just been confined to the Curia. A serious attempt was made to hack the site, but was thankfully unsuccessful and dealt with by the Administrators. An After-Action-Report on the attempt can be read here.

    Wishing you all a Happy Easter!

    Shankbot de Bodemloze,


    To read the report on the forums, along with Curia statistics for the quarter please follow the link to this thread.