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    Re: [Technical] 1.15 Bug Reports

    Installed Attila and subscribed to Part 1 and 2.
    Attila works without problems, but in the mod all tooltips, unit descriptions and descriptions

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    Aurelian campaign

    Well, I'm subscribed myself on this forum because I can't stand against gallic rome using aurelian rome... They are simply to strong on the battlefield.

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    Re: Mods with Jewish forts?

    My friend,
    Thank you for the detailed answer.
    Can I ask which one of them do you recommend?

    I am surprised by not being able

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    VS AI multiplayer reward XP

    Is it possible for a mod to award XP for your multiplayer Avatar's army when defeating AI armies?

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    Re: The Chat Thread (Read OP)

    Once again the little man is trodden under the hooves of Big Dairy and the Dairy Mafia.

    I've had enough of these lazy lactose-loving liberal

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