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    It was a medieval Georgian army.The number of these units is similar Of broken Crescent. in late era we add only svanian crossbowmens. However if we want

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    Re: Valve leaks Steam game player counts

    Well, from what we know WH2 sold better in 2020 than 3K so there was a decline for the latest major historical title. In 2020 WH2 was in the "silver"

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    Re: The Chat Thread (Read OP)

    I'm paying for gym membership, which I could technically go to, but haven't due to fear of catching/spreading covid.

    I have quite a lot of

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    Re: Which mod is better: LME or NTW3?

    People tend to compare the two as such: LME is great for SP, NTW3 is great for MP.

    I disagree: I think NTW3 is great for SP and MP. I think

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    Teaser Images

    Here are some teaser images from the upcoming version. Enjoy!

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