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    by Published on April 05, 2015 04:57 AM  Sort - Number of Views: 9692 

    Every few days we get a Contact Us email about someone being blocked from registering on TWC because of being a spammer. For example I got this one today:

    Dear Administrator,

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    Gaius Baltar

    Night Moves Part 4

    The dinner table was elegantly set. A broad white silk cloth with an intricate pattern that looked somewhat like the club logo, which was a silver dragon rampant. The finest china and silverware dotted

    Gaius Baltar August 09, 2022 02:48 PM
    Gaius Baltar

    Night Moves Part 3

    The entrance was well lit and staffed by half dozen security and staff. The opening resembled a large portico flanked by Doric columns. A massive chandelier hung over the patio just past the entrance.

    Gaius Baltar August 08, 2022 02:53 PM
    Gaius Baltar

    Night Moves, Part 2

    As we pulled onto the road that snaked its way along the Westside, past nightclubs and restaurants, I became concerned. Just two minutes ago I was enjoying a peaceful and predictable night at the club,

    Gaius Baltar August 07, 2022 03:29 PM

    Writing Blog 2022. Finished the story "Storm of Souls".

    Writing Blog 2022. Finished the story "Storm of Souls".

    Hi all.
    Haven't written anything in a while. In general, there was almost nothing to write. This whole year

    BagaturSasha August 06, 2022 01:29 PM
    Gaius Baltar

    Night Moves, Part 1

    In was late summer, and as a break between the spring and fall semesters at college I was working as a bar-back at one of the local dance clubs.
    This particular club could host live bands and had

    Gaius Baltar August 06, 2022 12:30 PM