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    Re: Russia, US, Ukraine, and the Future

    The specific context of my post was (the mentioned prior to it) Poland in ww2. Poland already viewed Russia as the main enemy, prior to the 2022 invasion.

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    Re: Armenia - Azerbaijan

    I think you are giving people too much credit here. Almost all? Really?

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    Re: Armenia - Azerbaijan

    Almost all of us worry or are embarrassed by the pragmatic/realpolitik of the West at one time or another, and lately many are concerned only with criticizing

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    Re: Armenia - Azerbaijan

    I don't know what it should be, but I can tell you what it will be. Nothing.

    Azerbaijan is absolutely essential to the EU right now as an

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    Re: Armenia - Azerbaijan

    You are twisting my point. As noted already Azerbaijan is simply restore its control of its internationally recognized territory. Armenia was the original

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