Biography II

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I am an international teacher
I have taught;
Abidjan, Ivory Coast (2006-2008)
  • 6-7-8 Grades: Geography | United States History
  • 9-10 Grades: United States History | World Cultures
  • 11-12 Grades African History | Political Science
  • 6-12 Physical Education
  • 6-7-8: English (2006)

Dubai, United Arab Emirate (2008- 2011)

  • Grade 7: Choice- Environmental Issues | Order- Social Order | Balance- Social Inequality | System- Political Systems
  • Grade 8: Choice- Charity and Service | Order- Law and Order | Balance- Global Inequality | System- Economic Systems
  • Grade 9: Geography
  • Grade 10: Geography {2009-10} United States History {2009-11} Political Science {2011}
  • Grades 11 & 12: DP Geography

Beijing, China (2011- 2012)
  • AP World History (10-12)
  • Economics (10-12)
  • Asian History / 2 sections (9)

Shanghai, China (2012-2013)
  • United States History/ 2 sections (9)
  • World History (10)
  • American Government (10)
  • College Prep (10)

Changchun, China (2013- 2015)
  • MYP 1 (6) Ancient History | Environmental Geography
  • MYP 2 (7) United States History | Cultural Geography
  • MYP 3 (8) Asian History | Human Geography {2013-14}
  • MYP 5 (10) Historiography | Human Geography {2014-15}
  • DP 1 & 2 (11-12) DP Geography

Next Year, Jakarta, Indonesia

  • DP History
  • DP Geography (?) TBD - inaugural program
  • MYP classes: TBD Level and number to be determine 2/3 depending on if I teach Geography

Prior to teaching internationally, I taught in Chicago from 2001- 2006
I taught; Geography, religion, history, math, science, and English.

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Gaming: Board Games | PC Strategy Games
I have always enjoyed strategy gaming. My first experience was playing a battle with my friend with little cardboard pieces on a hexagonal map. From there, we started to play Risk all night long non- stop. Late, we played Conquest of the Empire, Fortress America, and of course, Axis and Allies. We also played Monopoly and Clue as well. Later, I learned how to play Go; a game developed in China. I am usually ranked between 5K- 8K on either KGS or IGS servers. My name is Pike if anyone is interested in playing or learning about the game.

Years ago, I did a lot of research on my family history. I am mostly French with some German and Irish.

I started playing a few years ago. Since moving to the Northeast of China I have no had many opportunities to play. Hopefully, the move to Indonesia will mean more play time.

Sport Official
Soccer: I was an official for over 15+ years. I lost officiated in Dubai. When I left the states I had experience officiating mostly top Amateur matches with one or two professional level matches (unofficial scrimmages).
Football: 2 years officiating football. I was just starting with my first official "Sophomore" crew. The first step to doing varsity level matches. I was highly regarded due to my extensive experiences as a soccer official.
Rugby: 2 years as well. I started off as a player. One of the players were an official. He heard that I was a soccer official and recruited me to do Rugby. I was new to the game, but I was getting better as referee. The players developed a nice respect for my efforts. I probably would had moved up the ranks quickly had I not moved to Africa.

I mostly mod DB tables concerning BAI and CAI behavior and mechanics.
I work on Imperial Splendour (Empire Total War) and Age of Bronze (Total War Rome II)

Forum and Debate
I have been debating for many years starting in 1995. My name is indicative of how vehemently I argue my points. I consider myself retired from political/ social debates. However, I will still dabble here and there.

Graphic Artist
I very much lacking in artistic skills. I am also woeful at technical stuff. There is a long learning curve for me. I work tirelessly to hone my skills in these areas.
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