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  1. mishkin's Avatar
    You could ad some Kafka . Just boring, dude.

    Also, is Paulo Coelho known outside the Iberian Peninsula? Another author (not his books, himself) who should be burned. The same goes for Jodorowski, burn him at the stake
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  2. z3n's Avatar
    Quite right VZ, you summed my feelings about TW perfectly. Especially the part about how tactics haven't changed. I was hoping TW would attempt to revolutionize things with space and planets, along with spaceship battles for Warhammer but it turned out to be something similar to older TW games.

    I suppose Warhammer was never going to be in the 40k universe because they didn't want to revolutionize things. The last time they tried was with ETW, ship combat and guns. Truthfully, the only thing that makes me play TW games now is having someone to play a coop campaign with. Playing solo isnt a challenge any longer or interesting for that matter.
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  3. Akar's Avatar
    Ay we have woods but nothing over here feels as old as the European stuff. We burned all the native american history when we got here so all our "historical woods" are from like, the 1800's. Which is.... sort of cool I guess? All the cool spots in America are either were we killed a bunch of Indians, a bunch of Brits, or a bunch of Southerners.

    I'm not a catholic but if they pay for my Hajj to Rome I think I'd sign up for a few auditing sessions.
  4. Flinn's Avatar
    mmm I guess you have woods in the US as well, no ?

    actually the tree you see on that pic is a famous one, which is said to be there since more than 800 years .. it's a beech tree which is connected to Saint Francis (San Francesco) life.. so if you are catholic now you have an excuse to come and see it
  5. Akar's Avatar
    I'll make sure to include that as the entire next top 10 list.
  6. Quintus Hortensius Hortalus's Avatar
    You missed the book for the whole holiday season. "The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire". Especially handy if you are cut off from the world in a blizzard or German invasion.
  7. Akar's Avatar
    That's a super cool looking tree!

    How can I, as an American who lives in the city, camp out in the Italian woods without having to fly to Italy?

    any advice is appreciated
  8. Mhaedros's Avatar
    This was good content.
  9. Lord Oda Nobunaga's Avatar
    It is unfortunate that you did not include any ancient texts.
  10. Flinn's Avatar
    Dudes, there's so much to write about...!

    As usual, if you have any question, just ask!
  11. Flinn's Avatar
    Man, are you wild camping right now?? !

    Chapter 2 - The basics is now up!
  12. Flinn's Avatar
    I'm not an Historian, but I'm confident to say that war is a simple thing: either you win on attrition because of greater numbers, by surrounding the enemy or by superior armament, just that.

    The typical mechanics of TW games forces you to go for the middle solution, since the former is even more boring (and asks for a lot of replenishment of your armies) and the latter is only possible in some games/mods; in that regards I think TW games are pretty accurate
  13. Abdülmecid I's Avatar
    I can't believe that you didn't include the masterpiece "Total War Rome: Destroy Carthage", which is absolutely necessary for creating a cozy atmosphere, while you get nostalgic about the good old days of the 3rd of September.
  14. Flinn's Avatar
    Nice list! Besides, burning books will help us save on fossil fuels, Karola will be happy
  15. Finlander's Avatar
    Sadly I cannot even see any pictures in the blog due to my location at the moment I wouldn't be of much help there mate, sorry
  16. General Brewster's Avatar
    @Flinn, I can confidently say I never felt something for her. Obviously I can't talk for her but I don't think so.. but maybe because we both thought it would've been really weird and wrong anyway?

    @Halie, I didn't write it with the intention to reflect on anything really. The only thing about this story that really bugs me to my core is that I am not seeing my nephew as much anymore as a consequence and where over the last three years I filled a connection to his father, I am now feeling pushed out by some "new" father figure that didn't even have hair on his balls when my nephew was born.
  17. Flinn's Avatar
    Yes I'll be working on the next chapters soon, now I'm busy with setting up the yearly awards (member and modding) and I've a plan to make a return to the Helios with a new article, so I'll have to find the time for blogging

    However, I'm up to need some talented artists to help me drawing some stuff for this blog, are you coming close to Rome by any chance?
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  18. Halie Satanus's Avatar
    No one did anything wrong or needs to be judged here. We only get one shot and it goes pretty quick. If she's happy, be happy for her. Find yourself a good woman, eat good food, drink plenty of beer, travel to great beaches/mountains/forests, get fat, get old and enjoy your life. Maybe if she sees you happy she'll reconnect, maybe not.

    Reflecting on what could have or didn't happen, or what other people are doing, is a waste of time....
  19. Finlander's Avatar
    Thank you very much, and I am also happy to be here! I haven't been able to pop in to say hi much these days, haha.

    I tend to have a somewhat long walks in the nature, I blame Lord of the Rings and all other adventure stuff that make me feel like I am part of an epic journey into the lands unknown.

    I look forward to more updates from you!
  20. Flinn's Avatar
    yo bro, I have to ask you.. did you feel something for her other than friendship? It doesn't have to be necessarily something that you were aware of, but if you rethink on that period, can you exclude that you felt something more for her? Don't get me wrong man, I'm not telling anything out of the ordinary.. it's pretty normal for 2 persons who shared the same drama to get closer.. besides you had many points in common (you did divorce 3 months before), you know what? Maybe it was you, maybe her, or maybe both, but one way to see it is: you both felt something one for the other, than another person came in and you said to yourself "ok fine, I'll be there as a friend as I did before when my brother was still here".. and then she completely put you out of her life... man, this is not bitter, this tastes like , IMO
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