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  1. Merry Christmas TWC

    Per the title. I wanted to ramble for just a minute. Please, take a seat.

    In ~5 days I am 'entering the service'... I'll be the guy watching your phones. No really, I'm going to be doing computer infrastructure stuff. Sparing the technical bits, it means I'll be going from a relatively boring existence mostly defined by side gigs and retail into something a little more structured and skills relevant, and a future to build from. I think it will be a good thing for me; those who know ...
  2. Good morning/death

    Good morning.

    Last night I dreamed that my mother was very sick, suffering a lot, between tears asking me to let her die.

    My mother died a few months ago from complications of an incurable cancer after months of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. She, admitted to the hospital, suffering a lot and aware that she was going to die, asked us to let her die. The penultimate night some asked her to fight more and she continued to suffer. We agreed that on her last night they ...
  3. The life of a winemaker: it keeps going

    Last chapter here.

    It's been 2 years since the last post, and with a good reason: there aren't many news in the life of a winemaker, and the working years repeat themselves over and over. It is certainly entertaining and satisfying for me to grow my grapes and taste the new wine every year (not to mention drinking it all the year long ), but I guess it to not to be very interesting for those who cannot even get a sip of that ...
  4. Night Moves Part 4

    The dinner table was elegantly set. A broad white silk cloth with an intricate pattern that looked somewhat like the club logo, which was a silver dragon rampant. The finest china and silverware dotted the table at precise intervals and were lit by the glow of what appeared to be candles in golden candelabras. The lights had been dimmed and some sort of presentation was taking place on the main stage. I took a moment to reflect on my rapid transition from a beer stained bar back to sitting here ...
  5. Night Moves Part 3

    The entrance was well lit and staffed by half dozen security and staff. The opening resembled a large portico flanked by Doric columns. A massive chandelier hung over the patio just past the entrance. Exotic plants and bubbling fountains were used to produce a calming atmosphere. Several pathways led off of the patio but the large iron and glass doorway in front of us led directly into the club. As I have mentioned previously, this was the parent organization of the smaller club where I worked and ...