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  1. The life of a winemaker: the patience of a Saint

    Look, if I wasn't so well educated, I would be swearing by now.. wait, I'M NOT well educated, so .. *runs to a window, a stream of foul words can be heard, dispersing in the thin air*..

    As you can imagine, I don't have good news. I spare you the pictures because I'd rather blind myself than conserve any memory of this year. Basically, it's not even July, and I'm already sure I'm not going to make my own wine, because 80% of the possible production is gone.

    But let me ...

    Updated June 28, 2023 at 09:30 AM by Flinn

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  2. Involved this year in Proto-Egyptian history

    Involved this year in Proto-Egyptian history:
    Fantasy Writer Chronicles

    Hi all. This year I got really involved in Egyptian history. Well, as I turned on ... At one time I developed a whole line in my fantasy universe, which was called the Zarem period of Egypt. And I even posted it in the Creative Writing section.
    So, this year I decided not only to create something ...
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  3. The Dude's thoughts: "you have to be strong!"

    Spoiler for warning, very long image!

    People that know me well, even here at TWC, know that I'm a strong character, in the most positive (I hope) sense of the term; I've been helping people in the Personal Help and Advice section of TWC for years, and I know that many of them have benefited from our interactions, while I also know that some others haven't. Why so? I mean, of course each single case is different, but I noticed that even with cases which one can call very similar, ...

    Updated June 16, 2023 at 10:12 AM by Flinn

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  4. I don`t like the cancellation of russian culture, and can`t support the CA

    I don`t like the cancellation of russian culture,
    and can`t support the CA

    This article i have posted in Moddb and in Imperial forums. But here i am doing it too, but with some changes. (no copypast)

    Hello all!
    I think, many of you know me a lot of years.
    My real name is Alex.

    I am half-russian, half-ukrainian, I have been a member of the Union of Russian Writers since 2021, a participant in speeches (at one time) at the Central ...
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  5. The Dude's thoughts: it still pains, part 2

    It's almost one year since he died, and I can't still get past this ... I'm not really used to such emotions, if anything I'm the kind of man that others would address as an example of being a strong character, but this time I simply can't come to terms with the feelings I'm having. I dunno, my strength comes from the fact that I can accept life for what it is, I've lost much along the way so far, ...

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