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  1. Back to the Beginning - a refresher course

    The past year has offered up some unique challenges. First and foremost, the world-wide pandemic has dramatically altered my anticipated schedule and produced a host of new circumstances to deal with. Myself, I had to endure a major surgery this spring that left me in a state of convalescence for several months. It also shifted to into the now notorious "high-risk" category for exposure to the virus. The end result of this was a self-imposed lock-down with virtually no movement outside ...
  2. Game realizations of my fantasy universe. Information.

    Hello all. Its again me, A.Krokhmal.
    Now want to tell you about the realizations of my fantasy\sci-fi universe in the game engines.
    If you wanna see the information about my universe, click here and you can find the 1st my blog post.

    Now lets go!

    I. Warcraft III realization
  3. The Football Rant - Things are looking up?

    Alright chums, how are you all doing this fine morning?

    Anyways, let's get to it, eh?

    The season is well underway, and we are now approaching Matchweek 13. So how is West Ham doing, you ask? Last season was a roller-coaster from one end to the next, where we barely avoided relegation. So it is of course only natural that we now sit sixth, only a couple of points off the top.

    Wait, what??

    You heard me - We are bloody massive! ...
  4. History of my fantasy universe. Krokhmals Writers Blog 1

    Good day all.

    At first, want to name myself. My name is A.K.Krokhmal. Official proffession - is writer. Working with this job since the young ages. (i`m 27 now, and gray hair is already flashing)

    I started to write in the age of my childhood. I have 2 published books and many stories in russian journals (or internet-communities). First my book "Legend of the ...

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  5. The life of a winemaker - there we go again!

    A triple grape, quite rare but a sign of abundance at harvest

    It's been six months since my last post on this series, but that's quite normal when it comes to wine-making, since things usually take months to develop. Last time I posted it was about the bad outcome of the last year's red wine.. actually not much happened of very interesting, for the most it's a boring and tiring job along the many months is takes between the first works ...