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    This sucks to hear GED. I mean, every aspect of the experience just sounds like a crap-show. But to echo Commodus' point, have you considered having a patreon, or doing everything for site (monetary) maintenance via direct donations, and just skipping the whole ad business? I mean, I would imagine you'd cover the monthly costs by the first day of each month, and if you have an open progress bar everyone can see, then many people would be well-motivated to pitch in. Just as an example, here is another forum I use, which is similar to ours in setup, but possibly even more niche (, and they get their monthly costs met every month without fail, usually with a healthy extra bit to cushion in case there are lean months, and theirs is all via direct donations to the site.
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    I mean, the main reason why I used to rail against SJW (you know, the babies, not the actual ones), is that I find them to be quite intolerant to humour and stuff, forcing the rest of us to walk on eggshells simply to give themselves some false sense of superiority.

    But compared to AI they are absolutely nothing. AI can identify everything except context and nuance, and it will never identify those two, in addition to truth, simply because there's never going to be a statistic metric for either.

    So I've seen Shogun-2-gamervids being demonetised/removed by Youtube because in those 30 mins it had a few seconds of Trump photoshopped into a samurai suit. That was literally the reason.

    Same with customer support. I really hate the first dance around a bot one often has to go through to finally reach a human. I'm not 90 years old. I know how to google. If your crappy bot could help me, I would have found it by myself before.

    It's quite bizarre to think that market forces mean that as a consequence people are inevitably pressed out of their digital spaces.

    I'm also quite convinced that at some point there will be service providers with human customer support as primary selling point, with the AI driven stuff for the cheap, poor and Kafka fans.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cookiegod
    Welcome to the AI dominated future. I wonder why sci-fi dystopias almost never feature half baked bot "support".
    Because it is a touchy subject none of us wants to watch. It belongs to horror movies, not sci-fi.
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    I am very annoyed by the privacy thing too. Unfortunately, I am aware of it. When I tried to register to a site for a conference the other day, and did it from Chrome, google kindly filled EVERY tab for me, including real name in Greek and English, my address - the new one, not the old one I have in most forms submitted - my city, my landline number and my cellphone number. And my yahoo email address. Since I nearly never use gmail as they have a worse privacy approach than yahoo.

    Here's something that happened a couple of years ago: A man was missing for 20 years. Nobody knew what happened to him as he left one night with his car and disappeared. His family didn't have a clue and were paying investigators but nothing came up.
    Until someone asked google.

    Google knows. Trust in google.