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  1. Part III: The Pains of Loss & Sacrifice (THEN AND NOW)

    Part III: The Pains of Loss & Sacrifice

    There were to important women I dated/ married thus far.
    The first person I was in a serious relationship with was 9 years my senior. I was 25 at the time. She also had a young daughter. She was 6-7 years old.
    I dated this women for a year, but it was a very close relationship. She was a newly divorced women who's husband cheated. He would married that same women. At 25 I was a little experience

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  2. vBulletin Frustrations

    I swear every time we upgrade something on the site vBulletin ends up irritating the crap out of me. I really do like vBulletin as an overall package, they lots of things right. But then you run across something that makes you wonder "Just what were they thinking?" As you know we just installed the vBulletin CMS package for the site and I have been trying to get all this setup so we can make it live on the front end. For years TWC has used a custom script that simply pulled posts from ...
  3. Easter's Rising

    A busy week is heading towards its end. And what a week it was. In the Den [Administrative notification: due to an imminent break of SND only none-staff can read from here. To make sure this will never get out, this message is now magically encrypted in a way that while none-staff members can read the plain text, all staff members can read is a copy&paste from Cicero's de finibus malorum et bonorum.] all hell broke loose when Garb announced that he will prepare a special Good Friday dinner for ...

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    Life on TWC
  4. Part II: Life As A Mustang (THEN AND NOW)

    Part II: Life As A Mustang

    My 'signature' songs /videos of my life at this time period that puts things into perspective

    I was afforded the luxury of financial security and a far too forgiving parents. Fortunately it was not a future destroying time period. It is interesting how I read college students on here being so studious when I was far from that. I went from drunken fool to personal stagnation. The freedom allowed me to fill my every whim whether productive or not; mostly not. In ...

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  5. Part I: Lost and Found (THEN AND NOW)

    Part I: Lost and Found

    It is ashamed I am only starting this now. I have over 15 years worth of travel and enumerable experiences to convey. I have been married, divorced, and soon to be remarried. More on that later. How did I get here?

    In my darker days if you had told me that I would travel has much as I have, then I would had thought you were crazy. A funny story, I once paid a psychic in the French Quarter who said that I would travel ...

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