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  1. Standing there.

    Stood there.

    There he stood, simply standing there enjoying the rhythm of the music and looking at the people dancing to it when she passed him while dancing. He stared at her frozen in the moment as her golden hairs captivated him. He wanted to approach her but stood frozen in his place. He stared at her wishing he could do more but there he stood. She looked at him and smiled at him, he was baffled but smiled back and so she came closer to him... Smiling wider with each ...
    Creative Writing
  2. Farewell TWC

    I'm making this post just to say that i will no longer be doing any of my duties here on TWC. I have to move to greener pastures, and unfortunately i am unable to continue on doing stuff for the TWC youtube channel. I will, tough, continue working on Rise of Persia from time to time, but the rest i will relinquish of such duties.
  3. My "Retirement"

    Enough people have asked so....Let's try to keep this as un-dramatic as possible.

    To make a long story really short...Recent developments in my life has made it really difficult to continue being a staffer. I was recently hired in a teaching job (hooray!) but coming into it halfway in the year has given me a great deal of anxiety, which has led to some health issues popping up. I was already suffering some issues in the month prior to being hired (and I "felt" they were coming ...
  4. A Year In Review

    Man what a year.

    Since the last time I have written a blog my life has changed a lot. The biggest change was being told I was not being invited back to teach at the school that hired me a year ago. While I never found out the reason, I suspect they just did not feel I could improve enough to justify another year. I disagree immensely, as by the end I felt I really had a good handle on the classes that actually tried and just had a couple of problems. But I do, truly, believe that there ...
    Life on TWC
  5. Anarchy in the workplace

    So yesterday i was told to come in nearly before my shift started for my yearly performance review, to sign some paperwork for a promotion and to discuss some future changes happening to the store.
    Normally this is done by the Area Manager, but as the new Area Manager was my former employer who i left with bad terms, they sent the regional manager down instead.
    All is rather mundane and just basic company procedures, until he went on to customer complaints and "incidents". ...
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