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  1. The Football Rant - Europa, we're coming for you!

    Oh my. What's that I hear on the horizon? What's that sound? A slow, distant grumbling, blasting through Westfield Shoppin Center at full speed. The wind carries the music with it, blowing through Stratford, up to the stadium and filling it completely. There are no fans there, but the fans blow the bubbles so high. And just like that, I can make out the distand roar. Headphones? Plugged in. Volume? Turned up. Oh yes, it's Champions League time.

    After 31 ...
  2. Reading Again

    Last year when the whole lockdown and...other interesting activities in the United States started happening, I started collecting books to read. Nothing excessive*, just a handful** of books to pass the time while I waited for things to become normal***.

    Of course the reality was I ended up only reading a few books, two when I was bored and the internet was slow and three when I was forced into further quarantine when the girlfriend started showing signs of potential COVID (we were ...

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  3. The Dude goes into politics! - The mythical Conflict of Interest...

    First things first, today I'm celebrating my 10th blog post on this series! It's now well more than a year and a half that I started it, so time to make a summary of all the chapters, just in case someone really wants to know the full story

    The Dude goes into politics! Past Chapters


    Updated March 10, 2021 at 11:13 AM by Flinn

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  4. MS to go ahead and purchase Bethesda


    The EU regulatory body has given the go ahead to Microsoft to purchase Bethesda, the deal being valued at 7.5billion dollars, making it the biggest deal in the gaming industry.

    Bethesda will become #23 of Microsoft's purchase of game developers, joining well known names as Arkane Studios, Machine Games and iD Software.

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  5. The COVID Chronicles Part 1 (...I don't know what to title these things so deal with it)

    To preface this briefly; most of this I had written last year at some point, usually while on the road and bored with not much else to do at the time. Seems I take to writing when possible when I'm that level of bored. In any case though, while I generally have strange prose, it may be even weirder here because there were many on-and-off periods of writing for me. It's somewhat comprehensive and mostly chronological, but overall, just there to be there.

    You have been warned...