Blog Organization

I have decided to include different aspects within the blog. Then and Now is a series with a specific content and there for has a planned presentation. The remaining blogs will done on occasions and on the spur of the moment with no set time or subject matter.

- Then and Now Series: (for more detail, see below)The focus is an explanation on who I am today and the events in that my life that has guided me to who I am today
- PikeStance Classroom:The purpose is share curriculum and assessments with the idea of getting feedback and suggestions. You may also participate by providing "exemplars" for assessments.
- The Traveler's Journal:
The purpose is to share my experiences traveling and living overseas.
- Multimedia Commentary:
The purpose would to use multimedia to share personal experiences/ growth, as well as political and social commentary.
- Life on TWC:
Modding and other happenings


It is divided up into several parts
The focus is an explanation on who I am today and the events in that my life that has guided me to who I am today
Part I: Lost and Found: It briefly chronicles my days when I made bad choices to finally making the right choices
Part II: Life As a Mustang: I recall events in my life where I had the freedom to live carefree much to my own detriment. However, it formed the basis for who I am today
Part III: The Pain and Loss of Sacrifice: I share my feelings on my past relationships and share what I have learned.
Part IV: Jetsetter: A three part I will share experiences in three countries.
Africa: I will share my thoughts and experiences from the Peace Corps to my teaching tenure in the so- called "Dark Continent"
Dubai/ Middle East: I will share my thoughts and experience teaching in this contentious region of the world and give my insight on current events
China: I realized that I have spent more time in China than any other country I have lived in. I will share my thoughts from four years of living working in China
Part V: The Unchained Mind: The process and evolution of my understanding
Part VI: All in the Family: The good, the bad and the ugly of family and thoughts on keeping your sanity
Part VII: Lagniappe: A little something extra, things I didn't say, but would love to share that was not covered in other parts