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New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
Resident: Changchun China (soon to be Jakarta, Indonesia 8/2015)
Marital Status: Divorced (currently in a serious relationship)
Education: Post Graduate work in Education (University of New Orleans & Northeast Illinois University) |BA History with Minor in Psychology (University of Louisiana, Lafayette, La)
Credentials: Teaching License from the State of Illinois (Endorsements: US History, World History, Political Science) | IB Training: MYP and DP Geography & History
Occupation: Educator (Secondary social studies)
Past Jobs: Sports Official (Soccer, Football, and Rugby) Pizza Delivery, Family business (Buying, selling and trading historical documents, images and artifacts)
Hobbies & Leisure: Sports, modding, genealogy, wargaming, Golfing, Graphic Artist
Favorite Sports/ Teams: American Football (New Orleans Saints) | Baseball (Chicago White Sox) | Football/Soccer (Arsenal) | Rugby (no declared team)
Favorite Movies: Remember the Titans | Braveheart | School Ties | James Bond Films | Bourne Series | Mel Brooks films | Monty Python Films | Indiana Jones Series
Favorite Music: Generally a little of everthing, but mainly- Hard Rock and Heavy Metal
Political Views: Minarchism/ Anarchism - My Political Profile Post

My Profile Page
Places of Residence
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I have lived in the following locations

New Orleans, La (1969-1991) (1995-2001)
This is the place I was born and raised. My first and only love. There is no city like New Orleans on the planet. Though matter I go or live in the world, I always take New Orleans with me. I also attended the University of New Orleans on two separate occasions. First I studies here as an undergraduate then later I studies as a graduate to acquire my teaching license.

Lafayette La. (1991- 1995)
This is a great little time two hours to the west of New Orleans in the heart of 'Cajun' land. I attended the University of Louisiana and earned my BA in History with a minor in Psychology. My first coaching experience was here. Coaching U12 Boys soccer team. I was also encouraged by my "soccer moms" to pursue a career in teaching.

Chicago, IL (2001-06)
I originally went to Chicago for an interview to teach English in Japan. I thought while I was there I might as well apply for a teaching position for a school in Chicago. AS luck would have it, I was offered an interview. I interviewed for both jobs on the same day. That same evening, I was offered the job for a local all girls school in Chicago. I had to make a quick decision; do I take the sure thing or wait to hear about Japan. I took the sure thing. I would stay in Chicago for 5 years. I would eventually become a fan of the Chicago White Sox and watched them win their first World Series in a long time. This was also my second time in my life I have seen snow.

Abidjan, Ivory Coast (2006-08)
Again chance played a huge part here. I was looking for a job and by odd chance I started looking at international schools. I came upon an open position in the Ivory Coast, a country I served in the Peace Corps years before. The position stated that they could not afford to fly anyone to the country. On a whim, I wrote an email stating my interest in the country and a desire to return. I didn't expect an answer. As it turned out, the director was a former Peace Corps volunteer and was willing to offer me and my soon to be wife a job. I loved the Ivorian people. Very kind and friendly. I also loved most of the food! Great Chinese food...LOL The weather was nice as well.

Dubai, UAE (2008-11)
The Middle East was not our first choice, but we could not have made a better choice. The best international school I have worked at to date. The students were very respectful. The country was only unbearably hot in Aug/Sept and May/June. For the better part of the year, you can easily do outdoor activity, like go- carting, paintballing, golfing, etc... Everything and everyone spoke English, so it was easy to get around. The country was also very developed, so they have most conveniences like in the US. If there was hardship it was during Ramadan when everything shuts down. The down side is that Arab drivers drive like maniacs. The most dangerous thing you can do is cross a street where most drivers go at excessive speeds. There were several fatalities a year. Despite that, we only left because my wife didn't like her workload. Or else, we probably would still be there.

Beijing, Shanghai and Changchun, China (2011-15)
Beijing: The school suck! The pollution suck! The Taxi Suck! The food is the worse in China! (except a place called Nola's which served New Orleans styled food). I am glad we spend only one year here.
Shanghai: A much better city. Taxis are nicer and the people are generally nicer. However, the city is more "western" in some ways than Chinese. This is when I got divorced. I also worked at an all Chinese boarding school.
Changchun: People are nicest here. The city has over 7 million people, but it feels a small city. It is easy to get around and I do not live far from shopping and good restaurants. However, the only place where you are sure to find an English speaker is at Starbucks. Crazy right!?! The school started off great, but quickly turn sour.

My Travels
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I have had the opportunity to travel quite a bit in the past few years.
Europe: London, England | Amsterdam, The Netherlands | Paris, Alsace, France | Baden, Augsburg, Germany | Rome, Naples (Pompeii), Florence, Italy | Lucern, Switzerland | Budapest, Hungary | Vienna, Austria | Slovakia (just across the border).
Americas: Bahamas | Canada
Africa: Abidjan, Bassam, Ivory Coast | Accra, Ghana
Southwest Asia: Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, UAE | Masadam, Oman | Qatar, Qatar
East & Southeast Asia: Phukett, Chang Mai, Thailand | Phnom Phenn, Cambodia | Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam | Bali, Indonesia | Kyoto, Tokyo, Yokohama, Japan | Beijing, Shanghai, Changchun, Qi'an, Chengdu, Lijiang, Dali, Xishuangbanna, China
United States: Louisiana | Texas | Iowa | Michigan | Mississippi | Alabama | Georgia | Florida | South Carolina | Tennessee | Virginia | New York | Massachusetts | San Francisco, CA |