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  1. The Tale of the Week Blog - TotW 239

    Ah, the epic competition that is the Tale of the Week. It is a competition where all writers gather to test their skills against one another. And as a series, I'll be bringing you the winning entries for each and every Tale of the Week storyboard.

    The first one to start off with is #239 - In Search of a Worthy Foe! And what a competition it was. The first vote went ...

    Updated July 06, 2015 at 03:52 AM by Finlander

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  2. My Crossfit Journey 7-1-15

    Today was a killer! Even took a break between the first and second halves, sat down and had a protein shake for energy :P

    Started out with a bodybuilding/powerlifting workout for a bit of size, but that won't be here as this is a crossfit blog, suffice to say it was intense :)

    Then I went with Barbara..lemme tell ya, she was a harsh mistress -

    You'll ...
  3. My Crossfit Journey 6-30-15

    Hello all! Been away on holiday for the Fourth! Happy birthday America! So this and next entry are a bit late, sorry :)

    Today I did a rather short workout because beforehand I had done Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for 2 hours, and let me tell you, that'll wear you out!

    Started with 10 rounds of 5 reps on the minute of clean to overhead squat.
    Tutorial -
    Then went and did Chelsea (no, not a woman, it's a workout, I promise!)
    Link - ...
  4. My Crossfit Journey 6-29-15

    Little late on the post, didn't work out until late last night :)

    Man are my shoulders sore!

    Last night my workout was:

    5 minutes on bike to warm up the quads with settings on 20.
    8 rounds of overhead squat on the minute, 4 reps.
    Tutorial -
    8 rounds of front squat on the minute, 5 reps.
    Tutorial -
    Superset 10 Pushups with 10 Box Jumpts constantly ...
  5. My Crossfit Journey 6-28-15

    So today I started on the long and painful journey that is crossfit, I had dabbled in it before but mostly stuck to bodybuilding/powerlifting because I wanted to gain size but now I have decided that I want to become a better athlete for various activities I participate in (to be touched upon in the future) and I believe I have started my journey on the wrong foot :laughter:. Yesterday I did a typical powerlifting day, 5x5 Squat, Bench and Deadlift, going fairly heavy, needless to say today I as ...
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