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  1. Jadli's Avatar
    Sounds great!
  2. King Athelstan's Avatar
    I take everything written here literally and will thus assume you should be reported to HR with immediate effect. Where do you work by the way, in the tobacco business?
  3. Flinn's Avatar
    An old joke says "smoke kills you slowly.. good because I have no hurry to die!"

    I remember back in my youth (maaaaann, 20 years ago at the least) when I visited Finland, smoking wasn't popular at all, I suppose you like to be uncommon eh? And snow on May? that looks like something that would not amuse me as well
  4. King Athelstan's Avatar
    See! That's what this is all about!
  5. Jadli's Avatar
    Well, yesterday I wanted to do something useful for humanity, but after reading this I ended up doing absolutely nothing
  6. makanyane's Avatar
    When you're done, comment what you're supposed to do rather than read here. Then, go do it, and comment back when you've done it.
    This is obviously not going to work, if I wanted to stop procrastinating I wouldn't be reading this in the first place!

    I'm actually slightly better at not procrastinating than I was in the past. I tend to procrastinate more if the 'thing' is important! So previously I'd be worse on > college degree exam/submission deadlines > work deadlines > self employed tax returns... Now I'm not doing anything 'important' I'm not so bad!
  7. z3n's Avatar
    I feel attacked!

    In a way proctasinating is unhealthy but also healthy. Sometimes it can matter for your mental health, giving you a reason to procrastinate but other times it is detrimental. Most often it seems detrimental.
  8. King Athelstan's Avatar
    Haha, fair point
  9. Flinn's Avatar
    I'm seasoned, please

    Yes I know what you mean about business, and I can agree with you for a wide extent, though believe me.. business is always evil, and modern time gaming companies are not much worse than those of 20 years ago (some are still the same, with same policies, for instance).
  10. Flinn's Avatar
    There's a thing about procrastinating.. age will either cure you, or will turn you into a even worse procrastinator

    It really depends on what life has to submit to you.. as for me I was a huge procrastinator when I was at the Uni and before I started to work.. then when you got to respect deadlines that will make you starve if you won't, things might change.. I say might because not everybody considers the chance to die of starvation to be worse than actually having to do something... so even if most of the people will learn the lesson and move on, someone will really prefer to "fail" than to actually have to commit.. in other words, you don't have to worry much right now, the time will finish and you'll have to turn that page one day.. or not.. either case, just it and let's go bowling, Dude.
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  11. King Athelstan's Avatar
    Please do so, anything to keep me occupied
  12. Imperator Majora's Avatar
    I'mma have to file a cease&desist for your exposure of my patented project handling procedure.
  13. King Athelstan's Avatar
    You present a good reflection on how the situation is here. While US education is quite different from Norwegian, the principle points and objective (and objectiveness) remains. I'm about to finish my first year out of five on my way to becoming a teacher, and it's exactly how to be a good one, to read the classroom and see the individual in the masses that I need to look at in principle. I might have taken "be the change you want to see" too literally

    You can't do everything perfect, but you can do a helluva lot of stuff right
  14. King Athelstan's Avatar
    Hahaha, the good olde "Back in my day" - you really are getting old Flinn

    It's however not the games per say that the majority of the criticism goes to, it's the business.
  15. Flinn's Avatar
    A hard conversation perhaps, but hard things should sometimes be discussed without fear of sounding insensitive. Perhaps a level of insensitivity in approaching such problems is required to at least attain awareness, if not a solution. Alas, for the idealism above, even the ideal solution cannot be ideal, for it will be too focused to be economically expedient, and one individual with a plan cannot control so many steps. Someone always loses in the end. There's a silver lining that makes me think it doesn't have to be this way as much as it often is, though. I know institutions that appeal to the average, but then appeal to the minority that doesn't fit with plenty of money (in some cases though, unfortunately overcome by greed). I have a limited degree of faith that something can be done to appeal to the majority, and then clean up all but the stickiest cases that fall outside of it. At that point it's something of a collaborative effort between administration, educators, guardians and the student, and one can only hope that each rung will carry its weight to success, and hopefully not be sabotaged by economic consideration that results in time, money, and effort being squandered. But trouncing corruption is its own problem.
    so true.. I'll add to that that the participation of families can also do a lot.. it was so at the least in my times at school as a student, whenever someone was in trouble due to personal issues or limitations so to say, the input and extra support from the family could do miracles sometimes.. however I agree, the collaborative effort is the key, as well as the firm will from the student to do they part, otherwise it's for the most wasted time (and money, sadly ).

    Excellent blogs and level of thinking, please keep them coming dude
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