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  1. My new book "Fly" about my fantasy universe is fully ready

    My new book "Fly" about my fantasy universe is fully ready

    Hello everyone, friends.

    I would like to say a big thank to the TWcenter administration and the honourable people of this community. I can name them - Alwyn, Abdulmecid, Akar, Flinn, Cailagh, Dismounted Knight, Gggtotalwarrior, KLA, Raidair, Araval, Solon de Athenas, Sae, Gigantus, Athelstan, ...

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  2. The fine art of Wild Camping - a long awaited day.

    Three years and a half, that's how long I had to wait before posting again in this blog. Three years and a half without doing some real Wild camping (occasionally just a couple of picnics, so to say). Last time I did some real camping was in 2019, then Covid hit in and during 2020-2021 it was nearly impossible to organize a camping.. so I waited patiently, skipped 2022 window and waited for 2023's one. The main reason is that I wanted my daughter ...

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