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  1. The Lensation - Issue 2

    Welcome back to this week's edition of The Lensation. It's time for what you've all been waiting for: The Weekly Wrap-up! The blog should more or less follow such a format for future editions, with the weekly commentary followed by a short interview with one of the POTW community members. This week's commentary will be focusing on GPOTW 109 and POTW 550, of which the latter has an amazing ...

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  2. The Lensation - Issue 1

    Free image from - License

    Hello, one and all!

    Welcome to the Lensation (name inspired from the words "Lens" and "Sensation"), my unofficial blog covering the weekly picture competitions (Game Picture of the Week/Picture of the Week/Unedited Screenshot of the Week), in which I aim to provide a set of commentary each week as the polls go up. If

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  3. Whispers in the Kitchen

    by , January 11, 2019 at 09:48 PM (Tall an' handsome)
    The other day I made myself a coffee (my beloved was at her mother's letting me fend for myself) when on the way back to my kitchen stool I passed the refrigerator and I swear I could hear the beers whisper: "WTF?"

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    Around the House
  4. MOD NEWS - Recent MAC problems with M2TW

    by , December 04, 2018 at 12:07 PM (Tall an' handsome)
    An OS related update for the MAC version of M2TW makes it impossible to play the game without updating the OS to 10.14

    There is now a workaround for those that do no wish to upgrade their OS:

    Quote Originally Posted by Feral on Steam
    Players using a version of OS X before 10.14 can access a compatible version of the game via the Beta tab in the game’s properties window. Select the ‘mac_linux_gl-1.0.3' branch for a version that is compatible with 10.10.5 up to 10.13.6.

    1. Launch Steam.
    2. Right
  5. MODDING NEWS - Modding Staff is here

    by , November 07, 2018 at 03:48 AM (Tall an' handsome)

    TWC's new Modding Staff aim to make TWC a great place for both modders and mod-users!

    The friendly and helpful Modding Staff look forward to helping you find all the information and assistance you need related to creating and using mods for Total War games. If you have any question about mods or modding, contact any member of the team (they're all listed here) and they will do their very best to

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