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    Well entering Champions is a great achievement, though of course it's also a big commitment; once you do that quality step, you have to do it well, or you risk being squashed by the overwhelming pressure you get from that competition (not to mention the money that will cost you to remain there, not a case that we see the same few teams hitting the final stages of the League every year )
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    Oh, and another note: We are actually fun to watch now, so if you like seeing entertaining games, West Ham is certainly not a bad shout.
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    You see, the air force loooooooves powerpoint presentations that are as bland and boring as possible
    Oh not just the air force

    And aye, hadn't even heard of Elderberries being a thing to cure covid until reading this....

    Keep on soldiering dude!
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    And now they're peeking at Discord. It just gets better.