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  1. Opportunity; A Commodian Wit

    You can spin any concept to play an integral role in life, but for this round I'll spin one that's always fascinated me; opportunity. My relationship with it is strained. I am the grandmaster of blithely meandering through life, seeking things, reaching shortsightedly and falling on my face, wondering how I even manage to live while poorly considering how many people in the world likely do similar. I like to think my particular strength is recursive thinking; it's hard to abandon previous thoughts, ...
  2. The House, Part II

    With some additional furniture and cables for the computers, the computer room shaped up nicely. I even added a side table and shelf's to store some odds and ends while writing and gazing out the window.

    The unit was my old Dell XPS Gen4. A monster of a machine in its time but well past its prime now. Unfortunately, the original hard drive was gone, replaced almost a decade ago so none of the original software was installed. Instead there was a basic Windows XP and some older packages ...
  3. The House, Part I

    I return often now to "the house". Seemingly abandoned during the midst of the pandemic, it stands half empty and frozen in time. The downstairs shows early signs up patch work and painting, while the upstairs is essentially untouched. Because of the halt in the upgrades I went ahead and took possession of the property and of course the responsibility for the further improvements. After a brief flurry of interest from other family members it quickly dropped off the radar with the other ...

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  4. The Dude goes into politics! - The lessons I learnt

    Well well well.. it's been over a couple of years that I started this adventure (since the first time I spoke with the people I'm now together it was December 2018) and I've been trough many things already: the election campaign, the elections themselves, the first period of enthusiasm, the first and the second wave of covid and the misleading period of truce in between, and many other small facts or events of which, at the least in part, I already told about.

    So how am I faring? ...

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  5. New works and plans - 2021. Finished a full book.

    New works and plans - 2021. Finished a full book.

    Hello all. Happy belated Holidays! 2021 has come. And now its time for continuation of work.
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