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  1. Everything writing

    In my years here on Total War Center, I have done a lot of writing. In game reviews alone I have done at least twenty five reviews, a good chunk of them being from my favorite franchise, Assassins Creed. I also have a further twenty two reviews of movies and TV shows in the Arts section, though some of those reviews are substantially lesser in quality compared to later ones. And if that was not enough I have two long stories and three or four short stories in the Creative Writing section of the ...

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    Life on TWC
  2. The Tale of the Week Blog - TotW 239

    Ah, the epic competition that is the Tale of the Week. It is a competition where all writers gather to test their skills against one another. And as a series, I'll be bringing you the winning entries for each and every Tale of the Week storyboard.

    The first one to start off with is #239 - In Search of a Worthy Foe! And what a competition it was. The first vote went ...

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  3. My Crossfit Journey 7-1-15

    Today was a killer! Even took a break between the first and second halves, sat down and had a protein shake for energy :P

    Started out with a bodybuilding/powerlifting workout for a bit of size, but that won't be here as this is a crossfit blog, suffice to say it was intense :)

    Then I went with Barbara..lemme tell ya, she was a harsh mistress -

    You'll ...
  4. My Crossfit Journey 6-30-15

    Hello all! Been away on holiday for the Fourth! Happy birthday America! So this and next entry are a bit late, sorry :)

    Today I did a rather short workout because beforehand I had done Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for 2 hours, and let me tell you, that'll wear you out!

    Started with 10 rounds of 5 reps on the minute of clean to overhead squat.
    Tutorial -
    Then went and did Chelsea (no, not a woman, it's a workout, I promise!)
    Link - ...
  5. My Crossfit Journey 6-29-15

    Little late on the post, didn't work out until late last night :)

    Man are my shoulders sore!

    Last night my workout was:

    5 minutes on bike to warm up the quads with settings on 20.
    8 rounds of overhead squat on the minute, 4 reps.
    Tutorial -
    8 rounds of front squat on the minute, 5 reps.
    Tutorial -
    Superset 10 Pushups with 10 Box Jumpts constantly ...