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    I know from where you are coming from bro

    Well to be honest with you, I believe that's who humanity is really meant to be.. we are sitting today on a society that does not foster the idea of procreation, but of consumerism, while, as matter of fact we are supposed to have kids in our earlier life.. what I mean is that kids having kids isn't necessarily bad or laughable, and that assuming that this is so, it's mostly a fault of the distorted view we have because of the priorities set by the modern times civilization.
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    Yeah sure kids are great and all that but to be fair, most of the people who literally need to grow fast and become mature are kids. And kids with kids would just sound like a sitcom. , there's an idea - kids having to take care of slightly younger kids - reality tv? Gameshow? Documentary? Pitch this now!
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    Using CD's as shurikens, that's something new
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    Using CD's as shurikens, that's something new