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  1. Part II: Life As A Mustang (THEN AND NOW)

    Part II: Life As A Mustang

    My 'signature' songs /videos of my life at this time period that puts things into perspective

    I was afforded the luxury of financial security and a far too forgiving parents. Fortunately it was not a future destroying time period. It is interesting how I read college students on here being so studious when I was far from that. I went from drunken fool to personal stagnation. The freedom allowed me to fill my every whim whether productive or not; mostly not. In ...

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  2. Part I: Lost and Found (THEN AND NOW)

    Part I: Lost and Found

    It is ashamed I am only starting this now. I have over 15 years worth of travel and enumerable experiences to convey. I have been married, divorced, and soon to be remarried. More on that later. How did I get here?

    In my darker days if you had told me that I would travel has much as I have, then I would had thought you were crazy. A funny story, I once paid a psychic in the French Quarter who said that I would travel ...

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  3. The PikeStance Experience

    I will like to share my thoughts and experiences. As a basis of who I am as a person and to give you insight into how became the person I am today, I will present a series called THEN AND NOW. I will continue to post in my blog in the forum and copy and paste them here. If I am honored by being chosen as one of the bloggers for the front page, then I will then post exclusively here. Until then, please enjoy my blog. My blog on forum

    I am currently ...

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  4. Batman's Blog

    Well hello Total War Center. I suppose now is the time to bore you with stuff about me. Why not start with stuff about my time here on the site?

    I actually found this site and Total War in general quite by accident after stumbling across a picture of Third Age Total War. After doing some research I found the site, and being a fan of Lord of the Rings I pretty much stayed in that section for months, never really caring about anything else on the site. I could not play it at the time ...

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    Life on TWC
  5. Times are a'changing

    by , March 29, 2015 at 03:38 PM (The Other End of the Quill)
    Ohayou! I'm Hitai, Total War Center's worst writer and most boring member of Content staff. I sense this blog isn't going to be very interesting at all, but thankfully it's far prettier than Aik's, so every cloud!

    I used to have another blog here, but I guess now it's better to move over here; if only to help promote the new features GED's been working hard to implement recently.

    So, I usually talk about writing, which I find very interesting, since, you know, I'm a writer.

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    Life on TWC